Beauty & The Freak {18+} [COMPLETED] by Devils_Assasin
Beauty & The Freak {18+} [COMPLETE...by Hanna Jimenez
"Only when the purest beauty is birthed, and she blesses thy with a kiss of truest love and gives thy her all, will thy curse be relieved. Beware, the kiss is much...
  • beast
  • bad
  • badboy
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The 10th Circle - Abyss by taivaan_sininen
The 10th Circle - Abyssby A. C. Evans
Every prototype technology has its risks. After an accident involving a novel robotic suit, Keres cadet Sky begins to have recurring lucid nightmares where she finds her...
  • philosophy
  • science
  • science-fantasy
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can't give up on you- stan genius✨ by kaygenius23
can't give up on you- stan genius✨by kiara ❤️
stanley cunningham is a humongous player. not only on the court but in the game of "pass the female". he has never thought of settling down with a female becau...
  • cross
  • devingordon
  • mind
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Secrets Intertwined by sneerylynxy
Secrets Intertwinedby Em A
Aisyln lives in a world of corruption, with an agenda of her own. Skilled at what she does, she lives by a name that preceeds her reputation but when her past confronts...
  • vampire
  • psychic
  • mysterious
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Sickened Mind by Klance-ish
Sickened Mindby Keith x Lance
Cover art Is drawn by me, but I do not own original Idea. ~*Klance*~ ●~●~●~● Upon Gaining a new sickness from a small planet, Keith becomes deathly Ill, weakening his bo...
  • sickened
  • voltron
  • keith
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LITHIA (Book One of The Forgotten Mate Chronicles) by IntrovertedJEM
LITHIA (Book One of The Forgotten...by IntrovertedJEM
COMPLETED She doesn't remember him, so he will have to remind her, won't he? • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. MATURE CONTENT. 16+ • My name is Lithia Connerly. I am nineteen ye...
  • werewolf
  • memoryloss
  • luna
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Random Thoughts  by Infinite_Iridescence
Random Thoughts by Iridescence
This is kind of just my brain and random thoughts I feel like sharing with someone in the middle of the night. Don't take any of it for more than it is because I'm alway...
  • randomthoughts
  • mentalhealth
  • darkthoughts
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I don't know yet  by serenitymoonstars
I don't know yet by Serenity
Working on it
  • heart
  • friendship
  • thought-provoking
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Change My Mind by sheeriostyles
Change My Mindby sheeriostyles
I don't know if I'll ever love someone as great as Harry so that's why I never want to forget this feeling. That's why I'm scared of moving on. I don't want to forget wh...
  • liam
  • feels
  • malik
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Lost In Japan S.M.||✔ by Queensfool
Lost In Japan S.M.||✔by L♡
"I could feel the tension, We could cut it with a knife." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part two: Sky and Shawn Shawn Mendes and Sky Carrington have as every co...
  • mendes
  • instagram
  • shawnmendes
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Hannibal- Shes mine by annienibs
Hannibal- Shes mineby Annienibs
After being found in a cabin with blood, bodies and no memories Alexandra has to start over again. With the help of Will Graham it looks just possible until she meets Ha...
  • love
  • lecter
  • hannibal
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No control 21+ //(Yoongixreader)[yandere] by LilyLo5
No control 21+ //(Yoongixreader)[y...by Lily Lo
You meet the love of your life then you find out he becomes unstable. You now start to wonder if you should stay with him or leave him for someone else.
  • suga
  • kpopgroup
  • yoongixreader
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my secret mistakes • {poetry} by 10V3R80Y
my secret mistakes • {poetry}by p a r i s
The most deeply personal thing I may ever write, from an old soul trapped in a young body. Imagine a window into my life, my unfiltered, strange and unpredictable life...
  • in-love
  • beautiful
  • problems
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mind book, typ? by Tuvisj
mind book, typ?by Tuvisj
skriver av mig en gång i veckan kanske, om vad som hänt, om det nu hänt något intressant. kanske klagar på något med, vem vet? btw, vad sätter man för genre på en mind...
  • åsikter
  • mindbook
  • livet
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Mind by Affinity0
Mindby Ji- Leyna
•Trigger Warning - heavy themes will be talked about and covered in this story. If you are triggered or upset by such content it is probably best to not read my story• M...
  • dark
  • trapped
  • selfharm
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Night Hour  by Lenno30
Night Hour by Instant-Fan
The FBI gets paid a visit by a criminal who's been missing for 10 years. Note: This world is for the most part not human, instead of humans there's parahumans which is...
  • organisations
  • criminal
  • newyork
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Deflection from the Shadows(A Variety Of Poems) by Sharlie_brady66
Deflection from the Shadows(A Vari...by Ruth
There is no place where shadows aren't formed. But don't forget that shadows are formed only when light is present. Just face the light and the shadows will get deflecte...
  • mirage
  • poetry
  • dontrun
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The Infinity Inquisition by Infinity_Squared1134
The Infinity Inquisitionby Infinity Squared
Thanos is a warlord that is feared throughout the universe. Recently, he has fallen in love with The Mistress Death - an ultra-powerful being that embodies death itself...
  • adam
  • warlock
  • xandar
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Luna by atomicbonds
Lunaby Archie (Andrews)
In a poor village outside a large kingdom, there's a girl who ran. She's the girl with a secret family history. The girl who's inherited their unbelievable, yet incredib...
  • opennovellacontest2019
  • kingdom
  • forest
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