•Chapter Six: When You're Knocked Out, Stuff Happens!

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Hailie Jade Mathers portrays as Kate Thornton. Hailie is the daughter of Eminem.


Chapter Six:

The three of us stood dumbstruck, opened mouth at the computer.

  "You're my sister..." I whispered, finally managing to say something after ten minutes of staring at the blinding light of the computer.

Alyce nodded slowly, still looking at the computer like she was trying to find a loop hole or something.

  "Is something wrong ladies?" a female voice said behind us.

  "N-no, m'am. We're fine." Kate stuttered

  "Oh-kay then." the librarian said and backed away to her desk.

   Kate clicked something called 'View' and went to 'Internet Explorer' then she hit Ctrl, Shift, and then H. She deleted something called 'Today'.

  "What was that for?" Alyce and I said at the same time.

  "Just so no one knows what we were looking up. Only people who really know how to get deep into the computer to find what we were looking up." Kate explained and got out of the seat.

I heard doors slamming against a wall then an, "Evacuate the area now!"

  The old woman ran out of the library like her dress was on fire. She was carrying a few books, hugging them closely like they were her children. There was two walls separating the aisles of books from the computer section. In the middle there was a wide gap, maybe the size of a garage door. I flattened myself against the wall and motioned Alyce and Kat to do the same.

  I looked at them and held my hand up motioning to 'Stay'. I peeked around the corner stealthily. I mentally groaned.

  "Classified." I whispered as softly as I could to Kate and Alyce.

  Alyce looked up to the ceiling and she looked like she was screaming in her head. Kate didn't do anything,kinda like a blank expression, like she didn't know what was going on. There were a few people running out still. About five to eight more people were still gathering their belongings and running out of there. The Classified group had...guns.

Great, I thought.

  I looked back at Kate and Alyce and did a gun motion with my hand. Alyce's eyes widened and Kate's...she was still blank. I waved my hand in front of her face. She didn't even flinch.

  'What's wrong with her?' I mouthed to Alyce.

Alyce shrugged.

Stay with her, I thought to Alyce.

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