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Chapte Fifteen:

There was to many of them. Knock one out, another one would replace it. Right now, about five lay unconscious, or at least in pain. Another five replaced them. For once, I didn't know what to do.

Being us, we thought we could take them down since we have many injections in us. Alyce seem to know what to do though. Alyce walked confidently up to a tall policeman who looked Hispanic and just...stood there. Her eyes made eye contact with them, never breaking. Never. Even. Blinked.

The five policemen had their guns pointed to her. She didn't even flinch, though. It was creepy. It seemed like forever, and I was confused. I guess it was several seconds, but the guy handed his gun over to Alyce, his face blank.

The man backed out of the room. Alyce eyed the gun, then threw it to the side of the room and turned towards another man. His dark eyes were drawn together in a puzzled look after seeing the Hispanic Man walk out without a word. Alyce, once again, just stood there and stared. Her eyes were a warm brown.

It was more then a few seconds. Her lined mouth was now turned into a smile and her eyes were even darker, looking like she was a teenager asking for a expensive car. The short guy bent over and layed his gun on the floor, then pushed it towards Alyce with the tip of his foot. He raised his hands above his head, and walked backwards out of the room. Three were still left.

The third one she turned to had a worried look behind his gun. He still had it pointed to her, aiming for her head. One eye closed, aiming through the sight, I started to get nervous. She stuck out her hand, palm up. He lowered his gun and gave it to her.

She wrapped her thin fingers around the gun and admired it for a second. Then, she tossed it to the side, kicking the gun on the floor from the last policeman with the other two guns. The policeman-who had bright blue eyes against his dark skin-turned around and left the room. The other two? She didn't have to do anything with them, they just left, one right behind the other.

"And when were you gonna tell us about whatever you just did right there?" I asked, kind of creeped out.

"Probably right about..." she stopped.

Outside the hotel, I heard car doors slam and tires screeching away from us.

"Now." she finished.


We thought the police would come back, we were wrong...until now. Alyce was watching T.V and Kate was sitting in a chair, while I sat on the bed next to Jordan. Over the T.V noise, I heard heavy footsteps coming down the hotel hallway. It sounded like boots that weighed a ton. I didn't mess around.

I grabbed Alyce and Kate by their arms and lead them to a closet. I threw open the door and stuffed ourselves in there and shut the door, and locked it from the inside. Which I found weird that that was possible. The door that led into the room slammed open.

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