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  I was creeped out, I guess you could say. I mean here they were, just running along and mixing things in with the eerie green liquid. Or water. Whatever it was, it was pretty messed up. It wasn't just one serum, it was several.

  I counted about eight syringes on the ground. The lab-coated people just threw them on the ground when they were done. The syringes were plastic, so they didn't shattered. Eight different-colored liquids into the dead body. I heard one of the Lab Coats rip open a small packet of something powdery, I assumed.

  The lid on top of the tube opened slowly, making a whooshing noise as it opened. The female Lab Coat climbed up a step-ladder, one tall enough to reach the top, and poured in the powder. It was a mix of colors such as yellow, white, green, and blue. The female was about to throw away the packet in the trash when something beeped annoyingly. I watched as they scurried over to the source of the beeping sound.

  It wasn't just the usual 'alarm clock on a school morning' it was a high pitched screeching sound like an alarm but with a slow pace. It sounded like a duck dying. My ears felt like they were bleeding, I knew they weren't, but it just felt like it. I couldn't cover my ears, because my wrist were attached-or tied-to the bed. The Lab Coats were murmuring, not bothering to turn off the horrible thing.

"I think it's coming alive," I heard one Lab Coat say.

"No, no, see look-" one pointed to the machine screen, which was still beeping, "it says: "Seventy-five percent done. It's not even close. Like fifty off. How would it be even close?" she protested.

"Even it-" he stopped.

It took me awhile to figure out what was going on. Their murmurs turn to excitement.

"Look! It's speeding up! Look!" she repeated.

"Eighty! Eighty-five! It's almost done!" a male screamed with joy.

I rolled my eyes, keeping my snicker in because over their over-excitement. I heard a voice, one that was different out of all the Lab Coats.

"Where am I?" it's voice rasped.

The Lab Coats were whispering in awe.

"Look-we brought it alve, just like Calona."

I knew it.

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