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Loving The Mafia by flowery-blossoms
Loving The Mafiaby ellie-phant
"Bambola," Lorenzo warned," Put the spoon down. I'm scared shitless" He taunted. "Vaffanculo," I snarled (Fūck you) He chuckled," Y...
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Reaching For The Trigger by PrettyNGolden
Reaching For The Triggerby D. Breanne
Lelani is a 16 year old from Compton who goes to a party that changes her life forever! There she meets a leader of a drug ring and they fall in love! Follow her on a jo...
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Frost [On Hold] by supernovass
Frost [On Hold]by lotte
A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY ❝That girl defied an Alpha.❞ ❝I'd like to see her try to defy me.❞ Eretria is mentally tough, yet her physical demeanour lacks a...
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Born to be a Street Racer by StayBeautiful17
Born to be a Street Racerby Bellani17
You've heard the story of Dom and Letty. You've heard the story of Brian and Mia. But have you heard the story of the daughter of Dom and Letty and niece to Brian and Mi...
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The Sound of Thunder (ON HOLD) by kityxoxo
The Sound of Thunder (ON HOLD)by Zora_Queen
*Sequel to A Flash of Lightning* ~Please Read First Book Before Reading This One~ Lightning and Thunder and their group fight for survival in the zombie apocalypse. Aft...
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"I Hate You." "Whoa!" "What?" "No One Has Ever Said That to Me Before.." by DancingInTheRain97
"I Hate You." "Whoa!" "What?" " Holly
Aurelia hates Oliver with a passion. She knows him as the player. She is the only one who hasn't fallen for his charm, but will a week-long field trip change that?
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My Sweet Escape by your_favourite_asian
My Sweet Escapeby Ashley
Jessie is a 16 year old girl living in Kauai. She works at Cupcakes Galore with her best friend Abby. The cupcake store caters for special events that happen. The girls...
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Killer Empire by twelvewonderingstars
Killer Empireby 𝐚𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐫𝐚 ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
= a wattpad featured story (14102017) = After she was kidnapped to a foreign land, Devora Evans found herself rescued by a questionable team claiming to be spies working...
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Percy Jackson Gangstas by prodigis_spoilz-73
Percy Jackson Gangstasby prodigis_spoilz-73
Camp Half-Blood was gunned down by the Potter gang, turning the seven (with a bonus 3!) into Gang Half-Blood.
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Gunner by girngoarenoso
Gunnerby Sandy
Rett Carlile was a young man just over twenty years old. Moving from town to town because trouble seemed to find him wherever he was, Rett was a drifter. Now not looki...
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Teachers Pet by Yasmine_225
Teachers Petby Yasmine Arnett
⚠ This story will be rewritten and continue on my new account @feisty___ 3 underscores ⚠ This is the story of how I Roxy Salt came to be. How I learned to look at a bod...
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THE APOCALYPSE: Surviving The Undead! [book 1 of The Apocalypse Series] by gerri_lights
THE APOCALYPSE: Surviving The gerri_lights
six guys are fighting for their life in a world full of disease. everyone they loved and cared for is possibly dead. they dont know if there are more survivors or if it...
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STAIRS: a sick poem about killing by DaggerDarkstar
STAIRS: a sick poem about killingby Dagger Darkstar
A poem about my deadly walk up the stairs on my way to murder my parents
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Did You Say My Husband. . . ? (boyxboy) by AH0PELESSR0MANTiC
Did You Say My Husband. . . ? ( Royalty
Jeremy Rodriguez, a young police officer -One of Seattle Police Departments finest- has a horrific accident that leaves him with memory loss. Not only does he have to co...
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You want me to marry him? Oh Hell No! UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION! by me-nah
You want me to marry him? Oh Carmena
Alicia had always lived a hard life but when she finds out that she has to be married she feels as though the world should just swallow her up. Especially when she falls...
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You've Become a Monster by Gil_and_Ludwig
You've Become a Monsterby Gilbert and Ludwig
Gil 'I don't like this' Ludwig 'I'm only doing this to make him proud...' Or at least that's how it was in the beginning. Gilbert didn't mind the war...until he watched...
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Delinquency, it's in my Blood (Book 4) by xXKittenFuryXx
Delinquency, it's in my Blood ( Rose
I stormed into the room to see 5 males. One was holding my red lacy bra, 2 were sitting on my bed, another was looking at my knives, and then the last one was just leani...
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Runnin' (August Alsina Love Story) by PerfectThug187
Runnin' (August Alsina Love Story)by PerfectThug187
Drea has always wanted a ring and his last name. But Zay aint having it right now. 5 years of being together and she still hasnt saw a ring. Can Drea keep it all Runnin?
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SF SmackDown 2.0 Entries by TheRobot
SF SmackDown 2.0 Entriesby Robot
Here are my entires for the ForbiddenPlanet Sci-Fi SmackDown 2.0. It was a long journey over a few months to reach the final and clinch a respectable second place.
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Assassin's Creed Unity: Arno and Élise  by Silent128
Assassin's Creed Unity: Arno and É Anime Kid
Arno and Élise must stop an ex Assassin from destroying both Assassins and Templars
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