What It's Like To Forget by Chocolate013001
What It's Like To Forgetby Chocolate013001
Book One in The Forgotten Children When Levi wakes up in a cellar, hungry and confused, he knows something terribly wrong has happened to him. He soon realises he is no...
  • abused
  • shifters
  • werewolf
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Brothers and Trials by DawnTotadile
Brothers and Trialsby Alura Dusksong
You may think you know the story of the Penguins of Madagascar, but what about their human counterparts? That's right, HUMAN counterparts. Meet the Andrews brothers, and...
  • mr
  • private
  • rico
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Classifications Universe guidebook by Elfinstone
Classifications Universe guidebookby Elfinstone
The Different Classifications found in the Classification universe
  • alphaomega
  • classified
  • guidebook
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CLASSIFIED [coming soon] by Annabeth_Chase008
CLASSIFIED [coming soon]by →writing←
CLASSIFIED ADJECTIVE | clas·​si·​fied | \ˈkla-sə-ˌfīd | /ˈklasɪfʌɪd/ | Definition of classified 1: the part of the report that includes classified information was rem...
  • mystery
  • villain
  • watson
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Backpage Portsmouth | Back page Portsmouth by bedpageseo2
Backpage Portsmouth | Back page bedpageseo2
Backpage Portsmouth is here to solve your problem . If you are finding creative and innovative website then site is a web...
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Shameless Advertising by CaptainEyebrows
Shameless Advertisingby CaptainEyebrows
All works accepted. If you want to advertise your book, simply comment. All types of books are accepted. You don't need to message me or anything, just comment in the co...
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Kaiju Revolution  by DemonicXeno17
Kaiju Revolution by Mr Nightmare
A bunch of files depicting confirmed or hinted monsters in Legendary's Monsterverse thanks to the Godzilla tracker
  • art
  • classified
  • godzilla
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Red recovers tapes and documents from multiple people regarding the pandemic that is spreading across America. Curiosity killed the cat but perhaps satisfaction brought...
  • shortstory
  • classified
  • epidemiology
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Operator: The Fourth Rider by Felix_Codash
Operator: The Fourth Riderby Felix Codash
D̴̷́ȩ͏͜s҉̢i̸̡͘͜͢g̵̷̡n҉̶ȩ͜͞͠d̡͢͏ ̵t̨̡o̷͏ ̧̡̢͠d̸̶̶e̷śt͏̧̨͡r̵͜o͝҉̴̧͘y̴̨ ͡a̶̵͘͡͞l̀̕l҉̡҉͡ ̴̶͘t̴̶̴̡h̸͝o҉̵͝ś̶ȩ̧͠͝͡ ́͞͡w̛̕h͢͠o҉ ͜͞͠͠g͘͟e̴͢t̴͜͞͡s҉̡͡ ͘͜͟ì̴̢͢҉ņ͝͏҉́ ̢̨̕͟͟i̵̛...
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