Classified Character Files | (Under Renovation) by shevvie
Classified Character Files | ( 紫苑
ATTENTION: You are about to access extremely private and confidential information found in the inter-school archives. Handle with care. INCLUDES: Character profiles, con...
  • humour
  • teen
  • classified
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What It's Like To Forget by Chocolate013001
What It's Like To Forgetby Chocolate013001
Book One in The Forgotten Children When Levi wakes up in a cellar, hungry and confused, he knows something terribly wrong has happened to him. He soon realises he is no...
  • wattys2017
  • werewolf
  • gay
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Operator: The Fourth Rider by Felix_Codash
Operator: The Fourth Riderby Felix Codash
Quick introduction is the first half-chapter. \\Further information to be added later.//
  • dokkaebi
  • classified
  • world
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||Pure-Bloods|| Draco X Reader  by Cylicia
||Pure-Bloods|| Draco X Reader by EmilyCochran
It's your first day of Hogwarts. You had a great reputation as a Pure-Blood but you didn't know anyone. Your family was known as a very rich family but...what you didn't...
  • draco
  • romance
  • classified
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Classified  by Ali_goldfish
Classified by Ali_goldfish
He looked next to him to see his partner tied up as well. The guy had guns and they were big and there were lots of them... well the situation did seem bleak, this was n...
  • fiction
  • secretagents
  • secretorganization
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Classifications Universe guidebook by Elfinstone
Classifications Universe guidebookby Elfinstone
The Different Classifications found in the Classification universe
  • classified
  • little
  • ageplay
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Level One by Aurora808
Level Oneby Aurora
Is it possible to steal valuable classified data from the most highly guarded research facility in the country? One person manages to do it, but then finds herself on th...
  • laboratory
  • securitybreach
  • security
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Devil's Daughter by Mad_Psycho
Devil's Daughterby Mad_Psycho
My parents James and Lily Ace have always kept me a secret from the American government for an unknown reason. Until my later years, I finally got the answers I deserve...
  • blackops
  • classified
  • violence
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Injection: Tides of War by Nanomyte
Injection: Tides of Warby Nanomyte Studios
A few years before the events of Injection. Jinn's mentor Shan-Li, one of Syntech's best DEITY agents, is sent on an infiltration mission into the Blackout Zone- Home of...
  • dystopia
  • postapocalypse
  • spy
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The playlist of my life by eurepa1
The playlist of my lifeby Lee
My English project
  • khalife
  • full
  • classified
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