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Chapter Thirty-Five:

 I woke up with my face in immense pain. I tried to touch my face to see if blood has been drawn, but my hands wouldn't move. I could feel the stickiness, though. I jerked my hands; they still wouldn't move.

"You're tied up, dumbass." someone said.

I knew it was Alyce...or Kate.

"Niko?" I said, my voice was raspy.

"Correct, my dear."

"You," I coughed, "know this is kidnapping right?"

"I'm not stupid. Half the things I do are illegal. Why stop now?" I could picture a smirk, but I couldn't see him.

"What do," I coughed once again, "want from us?"

"Not the same as always..."

I was confused, he always wanted the same thing from us?

"I see you figured out our bomb plan, eh?" Niko asked, already knowing the answer.

"How do you know that we know?" I confused him and myself a bit.

"Computer tracking. Your friend isn't the only one who is experted with electronics."


"Bite me." I snarled.

"That's for vampires, sweetie."

"I'm surprise you haven't conjured that up yet. Also, don't call me that. I'm not your...'sweetie'." I spat out the word.

Niko walked in front of me.

"Again, what do you want?" I asked, realizing he sidestepped my question.

"The bomb plan, as we know that you know about it. And the rest of your group." he reached his hand out to move my face to the side of me.

"Ow!" I yelped.

He was just showing me a knocked out Kate and Alyce, but it hurt. He immediately let go of my face. Even though he was a bitch, I could tell sympathy was covering his face, but then it vanished.

"Yeah, what about the 'bomb plan'?" I saw this going nowhere.

"You get to bomb it."

I coughed, then realized what he said. I choked on air (yes, very possible) and couldn't stop coughing. After I finally stopped, I asked, "And when did I get to decide that I was going to do it?"

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