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Chapter Twenty-Three:

  I slumped against a stone wall, probably miles away from whatever that place was. The contraption that I took from the corner of the unknown place was in my hands. The small things was glowing and spurting out colors like a jacked-up strobe light. It looked like a thermos with a lid and many buttons. I thought about opening it, then I stopped.

It probably contained our talents in it.

  The three of us had rounded a corner and lost the guards and Sadden, the ever-so creepy man trying to steal our powers. Talents. Whatever you want to call them. I didn't hear any loud footsteps-they had seriously loud footsteps-chasing down the pavement in the alley. I know it wasn't safe here, but what could harm us?

  That creepy homeless guy looking like he wants to eat me? Maybe. I gave him a little nod and the homeless man smiled and continued eating whatever he was eating. I think before the small piece of animal before it was all bloody and...ew...it was probably a rat. Ew.

  I don't blame him. I started to notice I was thinking about a homeless man eating a rat. I felt my face turn into a what-the-hell expression. It was meant for me; if I could only see it. My chest was heaving up and down; I still haven't caught my breath from running for miles on end.

  Alyce looked flustered and tired, Kate was barely holding up. The guards and Sadden really made us work. By that, I mean running. I looked back down at the contraption trying to ignore the fact that the man was still eating his rat while staring at me. Kate wasn't pretending he wasn't there, she was giving the what-the-hell look to him.

"Are you going to open it?" Alyce breathed.

I shook my head, "No, I don't want to blow up this alley by opening this thing. It has all of our..."

"Powers?" Kate finished.

"Yeah, if you want to call them that. I'd think they'd be like...genetic talents. I like that name." I said, my eyes hurting from the different shades of blue, green, pink, and yellow exploding from the small piece of metal.

I looked up.

"I think we are safe." Alyce said, still panting.

"Yeah, but how long until they find us again? We just can't walk around wherever we are at. We have, like, everyone chasing after us." I said.

"I'm not chasing after you." a new voice said out of the three of us.

I looked at Alyce, then Kate.

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