Chapter Twenty: New Identities

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queried: Another word for asked.

peripheral: Most of you should know this, but if you don't, it means when you look out of the corner of your eye.


Chapter Twenty:

  Only three words were going around and around in my mind: Escape, Escape, Escape! I guess it was the same three words, but it was still important advice...that came from me. I replaced those three words with something different:

"Run, run, run!" I yelled.

I need to stop saying things in threes. It's starting to scare me.

  But wait! We can't run. Why is that? Lets's not because some kind of panda is standing in our way...or an explosive's more like guards blocking our entrances. Our only way out.

"There is no way out!" Alyce shouted back.

"I know, false alarm!"

On the count of three, side-step them, Alyce's voice came into my head.

Attempting to send a brain-message (my new name for it) to her, the static came back. I ignored it the best I could and continued:

Does Kate know?

Out of my peripheral vision, I saw Alyce nodded.

"One!" Alyce exclaimed.

I made my movements snap fast. I stepped to the left, inching towards the wall; the guard followed me. I jerked to the left some more and then stepped to the right fast and swished right by the guard.

"Argh!" he cried out, frustrated.

Another guard, this one with a gun, jumped in front of me. The woman had a sly smile on her face as she aimed her gun at the middle of my forehead. I flinched as a gun shot went off.

Wait, why wasn't I dead?

  The guard still had her gun pointed at my forehead. Her face filled out with an stunned expression. Blood started to pool out of her chest. The woman's gun clattered to the ground, and I scurried to pick it up. I swiveled it around, looking for the shooter.

  Instead of finding a guard (who probably accidentally shot their own partners), I found Kate with the gun. Her face was red, and she was panting. Kate had blood running down her shoulder. I could tell it wasn't from a bullet...someone had a knife. I looked for the guard that I had side-stepped.

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