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Chapter Thirteen:

  I stood there, my mouth opened, ready to say something but I couldn't. I was shocked. Lexus even said that she was Alyce's "evil clone". I didn't know if I was to fight Lexus or continue to stand there like an idiot. I looked over at Alyce.

  She had no emotion-a blank look on her face. No blinking, no flinching, no movement what-so-ever. I was starting to be creeped out. I closed my mouth after I realized I really had nothing to say. I began stuttering nonsense.

"I-I,n-no,you-o,c-can't,be. W-what? A-Alyce?"

  To someone else, they might be "Oh,evil clone,cool. Interesting." Us? That's not how we roll. We were stunned. Alyce flinched when she heard her name.

"Yeah?" she said, in a monotone voice.

  I really didn't want to just stand there looking scared or whatever actual facial expression was on my face. Instead of talking to Alyce, I surprised Lexus by popping her in the nose with my fist. As a reflex, she threw her hands to her face to cover her nose as blood drew from it.

"What was that for?" she screamed nasally.

"Isn't the answer obvious?" I snapped.

I wasn't going to be little Miss Sunshine to her if she was gonna be a bitch to us.

"I didn't do anything!" she yelled.

"The hell if you didn't!" I shouted back.

This girl lives up to the blonde bimbo jokes. Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around sharply.

"What!" I yelled.

The person flinched, "Miss, we're going to have to excuse the four of you because of your-ah-behavior. We do not accept that in our hotel."

The guy was a waiter, nothing more. With black slicked back hair, a black suit and a towel over his forearm.

Typical,I scoffed in my mind.

"Wait,what?" These three just showed up and started this whole shazam. My Mum and I are staying here. WE are paying customers." Lexus protested.

"You may stay then,miss. The rest of you, I must escort you out."

"Special treatment my ass. What the hell was that for!"

"Her Mom is-ah-a wealthy person in these areas."

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