This is Chapter Nine! Yes,I did enter this into the Watty Awards 2011. I'm already in like the #900's. For Action-#320. This is an Alyce P.O.V chapter. I thought I'd never do one of these,but I guess it kinda just poof came into idea that I should give you a taste on how their little trip to the Gene-Mod was. Thanks for reading this far,you guys are awesome!

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Chapter Nine:

I stood atop the van. Kat was knocked out,blind to the world. I couldn't do anything. The van was going to fast,I didn't have wings to just jump off and save her. Kate looked like she was trying to figure something out.

"We have to do something!" Kate yelled over the wind.

I nodded,understanding.

"But what?" I heard Kate whisper.

  Two dark figures came towards Kat and dragged her up to her feet. Another van came swerving around an unseen corner and the two figures through Kat in. The van sped past our van. I didn't think.

  I jumped for the van, standing on the metal bumper,holding on to the corner of the edge. I moved over,the wind slowing me down,and grabbed onto a handle that led to the opening of the van. I didn't open it,they would've caught me if I did. I looked at the van that I use to be on and looked for Kate.

Where'd she go? I thought,looking around everywhere.

  I looked up into the sky,and there she was. Her wings out and gliding stealthily over the van. I looked back down and around the edge of the van. I could see that horrible place in the distance. I cringed my nose and my hands tightened around the handles,feeling rage,remembering all those memories from the Institution.

  I could feel my eyes changing as now all I see is red,the only time when I actually see the color. I didn't notice the abrupt stop of the van and I loosened up a bit,pushing the memories out of my mind. I heard a car door slam and I slipped underneath the van,catching the sight of Kate who flew on top of the Institution's roof and laid down to not be seen. The heat was cinching my face,but I had to do this for Kat. She was my sister.

  I heard voices,one was a male,the other one was also a male. I heard another door slam and then the engine started. I felt like my face was going to melt off,but the van only moved about a foot. I saw a foot and once again,the door slammed shut. I heard keys jingling as the guy walked pass me and into a door.

  I slid out from another the van and checked out my surroundings. It was the back of the Institution,something I've never seen.  There was a ramp to one side with a railing,several,several vans lined up in a small section of the back and then a huge open garage-like door. I looked towards the ramp to see where that led. It led to a normal size door.

  I heard a grunt behind me.

"Sorry,landing hurts sometimes." Kate said as I looked behind me.

"S'okay." I replied and started walking towards the ramp.

"Where we going?" Kate asked as she ran to catch up with me.

"The garage looking part doesn't connect to the Institution. It looks like a little science lab for...I guess,more Mod's. This door," I said and pointed to the door I was heading towards,"probably connects to the Institution. We just need to find Kat." I said,and opened the door slowly,looking in.

  Kate nodded and headed in. I followed her and slid against all walls. The inside of the Instuition was the same as always,bright,creepy,and very hospital-like. I heard voices,I stopped dead in my tracks as a short guy grabbed a girl by her arm and started walking down the hallway.

"Lovely place,you people have." the girl said,sounding sarcastic.

"You were in here two months ago,don't act like you don't remember what it looked like." the guy said in a snotty tone.

"Two months?" I heard the girl whisper.

The guy heard her and replied ever so bitterly,"Duh,do the math."

  He pulled out a key and started unlocking a door. He violently threw her inside the room and I caught a glance at her face. I looked at Kate and smiled,she was already looking at me with the same expression.

"Kat." I mouth and she nodded.

  A woman started walking down the hallway with a beaker filled with an eerie liquid and spotted the both of us. She dropped the beaker in shock. She knew us,and we knew her. The woman looked down at what she just dropped. A worried look covered her face.

"Damn it,he's going to kill me." she muttered,and got down to her knees.

The short guy came walking out from another room,right in front of us.

"Did you just seriously drop that?!" his deep voice boomed and the woman stood up straight.

"I-I d-didn't mean t-too." the woman stuttered.

  She dropped back down to her knees and try to pick up of the remains of the glass,the liquid sizzled and evaporated. The girl looked up at us and the guy grabbed her by the elbow and jerked her up. A knife was at her neck and she screamed. He threw her into a room without hurting her,locked it,and continued down the hall.

I was...shocked. My face was probably an 'O' and my eyes were huge,I could feel it. I shook my head and walked to the door that is suppose to be Kat's. I knocked on it.

"What?" I heard her mutter.

She sounded tired. Hopeless. A quitter. You name it.

After she didn't open it,I shouted,"Open up!"

Kate looked at me like "Sh,sh,sh! Shut the 'eff up!" and kept shaking me. I looked at her like she was crazy. The door opened and I thought,Why didn't they lock the door? She could just walk out.

Kat wasn't looking at me,she just kept her head down.

"What?" she asked again.

"I don't think you should have that kind of attitude when I'm breaking you out of here." I said and put my hands on me hips.

She looked up at me and had a 'Huh?' look on her face,like she couldn't believe it. She smiled and I did the same.

"Alyce!' Kat exclaimed.

I put my hand over her mouth.

"Shhh." I whispered,and pointed down the hallway.

We were outta here...once again.

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