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Chapter Seven:

  I didn't even think for a second. I just ran after the van that had Alyce in it. It was about a mile, I knew I wouldn't catch up with it at the speed it was going. I had to get her back though.

I just had too.

  "Kat!" Kate's now-distant voice yelled after me.

  I didn't reply to Kate, I kept running, focusing on trying to get my wings out. I shrugged back my shoulders, still running. I watched my white fourteen wingspan wings enter out of my shoulder blades. I kept running. I took a huge flap and was up in the air.

  I was glad that the Classified wasn't controlling my wings right now at this moment. I caught up with the van and landed on the top quietly. There was a bar on the top side of the car and also on the other side. I hung on to one as the crazy van swerved and turned around the corners while going at an incredibly amazing speed that I didn't know was possible for a car or van. I heard a frantic, worried voice in my head.

Kat! Kat! Can you hear me? a voice yelled over the annoying static in my head.

Alyce? I'm on top of the van. I answered, hoping it was Alyce and not someone else like one of the members of the Classified group.

Okay, good, stay there. Where is Kate? Alyce asked.

I face-palmed myself.

  "Forget someone?" a voice asked behind me.

I jumped and turned around in fighting position.

  "Oh, it's just you." I said, breathing slowly know.

  "Sorry." I said and shrugged.

She rolled her eyes and smiled.

  "Are you coming into contact with Alyce?" Kate asked.

I nodded.

She just appeared behind me, I told Alyce.

Okay, there is a hole,like a window on the ceiling of the van from where I'm at. From where you're at, there should be like a square with a handle or something you could pull back or open, Alyce said, giving me clear instructions.

  I looked for the square on top of the van with a handle or something. I found it. It was a sliding handle. I slipped my hand into the groove and pulled back silently and slowly. As I got it pulled back, I looked in carefully.

  "Kat." I heard my name being whispered.

  "What?" I turned around sharply.

  Behind Kate was a Classified Assassin. The voice that whispered my name wasn't Kate. It couldn't have been, the Assassin had it's hand around Kate's mouth. I went into defense mode. I couldn't fight the Assassin if Kate was in the way.

  That was probably his/her plan. I didn't want to hurt Kate, and the Assassin knew that.

Alyce! An Assassin is up here with us! It's holding Kate. Are you tied up?

No, there is only two Classified members left, you shot one. The two left are pretty stupid.

Who did I shoot? I never thought about who I shot back in the library.


  No. That can't be. I felt...kinda bad. If I shot Niko or Danny, I'd be like 'Take that bitch!', but it was Calona. It felt weird to have known to shot a girl...or woman, whatever you wanna call her.

Try to get through the hole and help me!

  Alyce didn't answer, but that didn't matter. The Assassin kept looking towards the road. He or she, you can't tell the gender of these things, was thinking of jumping off the van. Possibly killing both. That's how mind-reading helps you.

Think, think, think,I told myself.

  I sensed someone behind me, shattering my thinking process. I felt rushing wind coming the opposite way the car was going. I ducked down,as a reflex, as someone flew right over me, not litterly though. I looked up and the Assassin holding Kate looked scared. It let go of Kate and she got shoved towards me, knocking me over.

  The person who went right over me collided with the Assassin and flew off the back of the van. The person who went over me...was another Classified Assassin.

  I wasn't going to let them get away and let them sneak up on us later. I was going to finish them off. I jumped off as I heard Alyce's voice.

Her actual voice.

"Kat,don't-!" she yelled as I hit the ground.

  I landed on top of the two Assassins who were knocked out. I turned over and looked at the van. Alyce was on top of the van, Niko was trying to get through the hole to get Alyce. Kate was on her hands and knees,she stood up and kicked Niko in the jaw. He fell through the hole.

  The van, which I think Danny took the wheel, swerved around a corner and Alyce and Kate were thrown to the side. They went over the van. They grabbed the rail on the side of the van and just hung there. I felt movement underneath me and looked down. I took out my switch blade knife that I forgot I had until now and got up.

  Most people would've just stabbed both and be done. I like fights though. Imagine a creepy smile following that. I got off both of the Assassin's and watched them get up, their backs towards me, not knowing I was there.

  "Damn, you're such an idiot." a male voice said to the Assassin who went over me.

  "I didn't know that she would duck!" a nasally voice screeched back in reply.

  "Then how did you pass the C.A.N.T?" the male Assassin asked.

"I passed, but she has like fifty milion things injected into her!" the woman explained.

  I cleared my throat. The two turned around,their eyes looked like a deer caught in headlights.

  "Hi!" I said in a fake cheery tone.

How long was she there? I heard an Assassin communicating to the other through mind-talking.

The female Assassin shrugged.

The two of them positioned into a fighting position.

  "I don't know why you need to do that. Just come at me." I said, point blankly in a bored tone.

  They eased up and came at me with roundhouse kicks. I didn't even think. I blocked their kicks and sent a blow to the head of one of the Assassins. Like the creepily thing they do, it dissolved into the ground. The one Assassin left tried a roundhouse kick again.

  I reached up my hands to grab the foot and twist, but something grabbed my wrist from behind and then I was kicked in the face, spiraling into the darkness of unconsciousness.

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