Chapter Seventeen: Morphs? Definition: Much Worse Than Assassins

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Chapter Seventeen:

  As the guards said, it apparently has been four days that we've been here. I don't know why they would tell us how many days it's been. At least they let us eat. The ditsy girl that brought us our food everyday. She'd always say, "Can't let our best experiments...expire." then, she'd giggle at her joke and scurry off.

  I think the Basement is more like a dungeon. No, I'm serious. The stereotypical chains on the wall from pass hostages. The ever-so-often annoying drip-drop of water from the gray bricked ceiling. My hands, and Alyce's and Kate's, were cuffed, not to the walls, though.

Maybe they were going to let us go? I thought, hopefully.

  Then that hopeful thought went crashing down. Someone came in. It was one of the guards. It was even to tell who from who. The guards had a stiff, boring gray uniform that had 'Guard' written in neon red on the right breast pocket.

Obvious, I had scoffed when I seen them in their get-up.

A guard opened the door and it shut behind him with a click. He opened it back up and held it open with his foot.

"Follow me ladies." he motioned with his gun.

Alyce flinched and tensed up.

"Come on!" the guard barked.

  We started murmuring 'Come on', 'Hurry up before he shoots us', and 'Lets go'. I got up fast and was the first to climb up the stairs. All seventy-two of those dreaded stairs. I didn't want to know what was going to happen...wait, I probably already know what was in store for us. It was obvious.

  We were their lab rats, not by choice, and they were going to use us to their extent now that they got us trapped. Just because I haven't been schooled since I was five doesn't mean I was stupid...or ditsy like someone. Maybe she didn't go to all... The guard led us through a hallway swiftly and into a yard.

Wait. A yard?

I've never seen this part of the Institution before.


Now's a highway.

What was going on?

"Go back to the Green and bring out the Morphs." a different voice said.

I turned around and saw a different guard, one with a heavy accent and thin mustache.

  The landscape turned back to the yard. Or whatever they called it: 'Green'. I didn't want to know what the Morphs were, I didn't want anything to do with them. Did I have a choice? No.

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