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Gray shades by Lighto-san
Gray shadesby Light
This story is linked to the my previous one called "Death Eyes" and focuses on the life of Gray, my personal favorite character. (That is secretly a persona o...
  • cutting
  • depression
  • love
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When I'm alone in the darkness by Beautyboyish
When I'm alone in the darknessby Maria Jessica Demate
She's quiet She's ruthless She's mysterious She's Francheska Zaffara Courtney o sa tanyag nyang pangalang "The Darkness Queen" Paano nya kaya matatakasan ang...
  • bestfriends
  • forever
  • love
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Bliss & Melancholies by PrinZuki14
Bliss & Melancholiesby 'Prince Adrian Alvarez
  • twisted
  • hidden
  • death
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Last Night With You by NYC_1999
Last Night With Youby NYC_1999
Monica and her parents lives somewhere in Brooklyn, New York. She's been helping her bestfriend Camilla whenever she's broken by his boyfriend Eivan. One day her childho...
  • choice
  • confusion
  • love
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Chika is my fiancé  by unpure_Strawberry
Chika is my fiancé by Usagi_Tsukino_the kawaii panda
I don't care the cost Mari I will always be with you as your loving fiancé - Chika
  • ending
  • drama
  • engaged
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Romeo and Juliet Re*vamped* by LadySylvanas
Romeo and Juliet Re*vamped*by LadySylvanas
The ending of Romeo and Juliet told in a new and unique way... it seems that all is not what we originally thought.
  • sweet
  • story
  • horror
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SILENCE ME... by Iamemoskittles
SILENCE ME...by ᴡᴡᴡ.sexy25.pw
Silence me is about a girl who finds a man in a graveyard chopping human fingers up on a Halloween night. She doesn't tell anyone but then finds out that a oldish man is...
  • iamemostkittles
  • fiction
  • romance
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Fire + ice = FIERCE by patraduck
Fire + ice = FIERCEby Patra
  • cross
  • gifted
  • star
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Journal entry #99 by fizzybug12
Journal entry #99by Black-Star Wolf
A story in a little girl's diary is all they say, but they haven't read it. She's writing almost hundreds of little stories in her own mind but only puts them down to a...
  • stuff
  • 99
  • fizzybug12
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The Runaway Bride by Tori_And_Alexis
The Runaway Brideby Tori_and_Alexis
It's just as simply as that. Spencer decided she couldn't get married, not today. So she bolted. Leaving the crowd of people not only confused but amused.
  • bride
  • ending
  • wedding
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Short by Rjorjin
Shortby Rjorjin
Just a short lil snort
  • sweater
  • spiders
  • flat
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The Ribbon Game by iEpicGirl
The Ribbon Gameby Dwee
Ribbon Game is an annual event at Grand Coast Academy. Winners are rare in this game. Whoever wins this game must be a boy and a girl. The Ribbon Game is also called as...
  • missing
  • adventure
  • happiness
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title of your story by XxrainbowPrismxX
title of your storyby Hmm...
  • camping
  • ending
  • trip
Clara Collins Mystery Mail by katiekate2020
Clara Collins Mystery Mailby katiekate2020
Clara Collins, an ordinary teenage girl is sent a box, and the contents of this box will lead Clara on an important adventure to help a friend in need.
  • adventure
  • ending
  • realistic-fiction
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It bothers me by _Hikari
It bothers meby _Hikari
I recently found out that I was not over the break up with my once boyfriend. And I broke down when I realized I still cared, and it bothered me. It bothered me because...
  • realization
  • ending
  • heart
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The Kidnapper's Son by ThatGirlChey
The Kidnapper's Sonby Cheyenne
"I had everything anyone would ever want. Somehow, someone was just heartless enough to take it from me." Cassie was happy. Was. She was this normal teen, happ...
  • true
  • ending
  • lying
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SAD ENDING ++ JINHWAN by minoniim
are you only believe in Happy ending? And your brain too cheesy? Come and read this one, your mind will be blow up with other things. STARTED: 28th AUGUST 2016 [[12:00...
  • yg
  • 24hoursff
  • jinhwan
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