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Chapter Dedication: Sapphire-flames

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Chapter Twenty-Five:


"Alyce," I whispered.

"What?" she replied back in a whisper.

"The Capture 0025 is in the car. Wait. Is it in the car?"

"Yeah, I grabbed it when you left it under the rack. It's in the backseat."


  The woman seem to not hear our whisper-conversation, which was good. We didn't need her questioning us. The woman guided us towards a table, and the three of us sat down. The lady went to the fridge and brought out chocolate syrup and milk. She sat the items down on the table and went back to the fridge and started searching for more things.

She brought out cheese slices and then took bread from a cabinet.

"Are you girls' hungry?"

I looked at Kate and Alyce who nodded eagerly.

"Uh, if it's no trouble, then yes." I said, uncomfortably.

"No trouble at all, dear."

"O-okay, thanks."

The woman nodded.

"If you want, you can make chocolate milk, while I grill these sandwiches." she nodded towards the syrup and milk.


Erm, the problem is...I don't know how to. Kate was already at it though.

"Do you have any glasses?" Kate asked.

"Yes, they're up in that cabinet." she pointed.

Kate brought down three decorative glasses and started pouring milk into all three. I watched as she poured in the syrup and stirred.

"Cool, eh?" Kate asked.

I shot an alert look at the lady, who seem to not be paying attention.


Kate passed out the glasses of chocolate milk. I took a sip.

"I think you like it." Kate stated.

"Yeah, you should've seen your face." Alyce pointed out and I laughed.


  We sat on the soft ivory leather couch while watching T.V. It's been several hours since we've ate, and Alyce says she's still hungry. So am I. We have to consume a lot of calories. Alyce didn't want to bother the woman though, as she was already being nice enough.

  "A Code Adam at a local supermarket happened approximately at one p.m. The child was found, unharmed, though something even weirder happened at the supermarket. Three girls were running towards the doors of the supermarket. The police and the employees of the store were trying to stop them, but they escaped. The three girls weren't the kidnappees, though it was strange how they were trying to escape.

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