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Chapter Twenty-Seven:

~Hospital: Doctor's P.O.V~

"Is she still alive?" I asked the E.M.T's who rushed in with a girl on a gurney.

"Last time we checked." they answered.

"That means she could be dead right now!" I threw up the clipboard.

The E.M.T checked the red-headed girl's pulse.

"She's still alive."

"That's better." I breathed.

~Hospital: Kat's P.O.V~

Someone's cold fingers pressed to my neck, sending chills down my body.

"She's still alive." someone confirmed.

"That's better." someone, probably the doctor, said relieved.

"Did you give her anything?"

"Uh, I think Ibuprofen and Benadryl."


"Uh, I guess that's another name you could call Benadryl."

"Anymore victims of the wreck?"

"Erm, two more girls."

"Set them on the bed and get the nurse in."

I was lifted one again and set down on something softer, probably a hospital bed. I heard footsteps and a lot of poking and stinging. Then beeping started.

"Good, her heart rate is okay." the doctor noted, "Her blood pressure is okay... Any injuries?"

"We need x-rays."

"Well, go get them x-rayed!


"Hmm, several cuts and bruises...a broken finger...and that's it." the nurse commented.

"Mhm." the doctor said.

"The others?" he asked.

"Cuts and bruises, no damage to the black-haired one besides small fracture in her nose-"

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