{Chapter} 10

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{Chapter 10}

The cowboys put in a long day of rounding up the cattle that had strayed after the stampede, and still no sign of J.T. Miller. Toni was beginning to get worried. Oh, she knew her cowboys could take care of themselves, but she couldn’t help but think the worst.

All the cowboys came filing in for supper and Toni didn’t see J.T. anywhere.

“Miz McBride?” Toni turned around at the sound of Adam’s voice.

“Yeah, Sterling?” She knew that he had bad news by the way he was twisting his hat in his hands.

“I… erm… We… well…”

“You found J.T. didn’t you?” Toni felt her heart drop.

Adam put his head down. “Wade did. He and a few others got together and decided to nominate me to tell you. He’s… he’s gone.”

Toni closed her eyes, not wanting to hear the words.

“Wh- Where is he?” she asked.

“Over there on the back of Wade’s horse” Adam shuffled his feet.

Toni groaned. “That’s two cowboys in the past four years. We’ve got to find another way of doing things.”

“We’ll bury him” Adam put his hat back on his head and walked toward where a few cowboys were digging a few feet out of camp.

Toni groaned. Another man down.


“What words can you say about J.T.? He was a good man. He had a past with sin, but I believe that he had fully repented when he died” Erik twisted the brim of his hat in his hands as they stood around the grave, lit by lantern light.

Toni felt solemn as she looked at the mound of dirt over J.T.’s body. She rarely showed emotions to her cowboys, but right now she wanted to break down and cry. Losing a man like J.T. who had so much potential to be a good person was a hard thing to accept.

Erik closed his Bible. “Okay, so we’ll cut the pleasantries and do this how J.T. would want it. This incident should make you push harder if anything. We’re gonna go out there and work our tails off trying to get that herd to Dodge on time because that’s the way J.T. would have wanted it. He’d want us to press on harder than ever, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do, am I right?”

A few men nodded.

“For J.T.” Erik reminded them.

Several more nodded and a general agreement was made.

These cows would make it to Grayson City on time - Toni could feel it.

God, please watch over us these upcoming days. Please keep us all safe.

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