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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
The Girl Who Held the Universe in her Hands | MARVEL [1] by scooteringdinosaur
The Girl Who Held the Universe in...by Scootering Dinosaur
BE AWARE! UNDER HEAVY EDITING! Ash had the power many only dreamed of. She could create and destroy planets with a click of her fingers. But the darkness grew within her...
I'm saying "I do"....but not for Love by dlp5566
I'm saying "I do"....but not for L...by dlp5566
High school senior Katy McLaughlin is getting married. But not for love, like most couples. She wants to escape from her home, and forget the memories that are associate...
Head Over Heels (Tomura Shigaraki X Reader)(Lemon) by bakuhoe_fuckuroo
Head Over Heels (Tomura Shigaraki...by LegitNotCheryl
"An extremely dangerous quirk. With one look, all is destroyed. It was an obsession with her. With her quirk. Her looks. Her personality. Everything about her is ju...
Desire | Bughead Oneshots  by liliesinred
Desire | Bughead Oneshots by liliesinred
some sinfully dirty oneshots
Camp Alaya Series #1: Eyes Locked, Hands Locked (Completed)  by qeelllllyyyyy
Camp Alaya Series #1: Eyes Locked...by teume
CAMP ALAYA SERIES # 1 Esteen Samantha Vinzon has this unwanted past that made her unable to stare at someone's eyes for a long time. But after Argon Zacharia came back i...
The Matchmaker's Match by CaitlynRachelC
The Matchmaker's Matchby Caitlyn Coker
“Where is revenge going to get you, Adam? What’s it going to prove?” Katie asked. “He killed my brother, Kate. I won’t rest until I bring him to justice” “By murder?” ...
The Docks (a Once Upon A Time Fan Fiction) by Perfectshipper
The Docks (a Once Upon A Time Fan...by Wendy
A Once Upon A Time Fan Fiction: A thirteen year old girl is mysteriously found unconscious at the docks in Storybrooke. Together Emma, Snow White, and David work togethe...
How To Befriend An Alien (BoyxBoy) by Mouki21
How To Befriend An Alien (BoyxBoy)by ENJOY!
Tyler Montgomery is a space geek. He loves Star Wars and Star Trek, Doctor Who and Avatar. But most of all, he believes that we are not alone in the universe, and he's d...
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Your True Identity (Indefinite Hiatus) by Voxiter
Your True Identity (Indefinite Hia...by Zolar
'At first I thought life was good. I had a girlfriend named Miaki Kasoki, had the best friends in the entire world. But life took a turn for me. When does pain ever stop...
A Bad-Ass Asthmatic and An Unfinished Boy (An Edward Scissorhands Fan-fic) by OnceUponAnAubi
A Bad-Ass Asthmatic and An Unfinis...by Aubi
Just as the title says, this story is a fan-fic about the movie Edward Scissorhands. I absolutely adore that movie and I haven't found any good fan-fics about it, so I t...
My cruel husband (taehyung ff) by jvfnbzgk
My cruel husband (taehyung ff)by 김지국
"Yah, kim taehyung. Stop it",u pleaded. "Not till i make sure that u can't walk for a whole week and that's daddy for u", he smirked. °2nd series of...
a palette of poems by flavored
a palette of poemsby valentina
writing is art and this is my palette of poems. [this is a collection of unfinished thoughts, poems, and whatever else comes to my head. some pieces may not make any sen...
Just Another Art Book by ISurvivedNYCNotSpace
Just Another Art Bookby Ele
I wanted to share my trash art so I made this.
Don't Speak by karabear_
Don't Speakby Kara
Brae is your average 17 year old girl, except that she won't speak. Her mother left when she was just a little girl, forcing Brae and her dad to fend for themselvses. He...
Dawn of Hope - Folician Chronicles 7 by maxd01
Dawn of Hope - Folician Chronicles...by Mad Max
Ray and Hands have finally returned to their packs. Now that most of their healing is done they still have one more hurdle to deal with. Pack Zorg has challenged not j...
Ten  by ___Yoshi___
Ten by Random User
Kate knew one thing for sure; she wanted to find a cure. Max knew one thing for sure; he was supposed to be dead two years ago. ••• When Princess Kate and Prince Josep...
What's So Good About Picking Up the Pieces? (Vic Fuentes FanFiction) by jhawkgrl2003
What's So Good About Picking Up th...by Bailey
26 year old Lyla James is living in Los Angeles pursuing her dream of being a photographer. She gets the chance of a lifetime when her best friend, Austin Carlile of the...
Helping Hands - A Bartoine Fan-Fiction. by iiiQueenBean
Helping Hands - A Bartoine Fan-Fic...by Maria
COMPLETED. Bartoine - The Ship between Barty Crouch Junior and Hermione Granger. ** An original Harry Potter Fan-Fiction ** When Barty Crouch Jr. takes Hermione Granger...
Corpse husband x reader  by bleedingLover123
Corpse husband x reader by bleedingLover123
Just some oneshots and scenarios for our deep daddy 😆