Age Is Just A Number by relliwest
Age Is Just A Numberby Rell tha Don
When you get settled is when they attack. Kay met George and her life changed. Fast forward some years she has a family. Family life isn't easy especially when people ar...
  • thegame
  • crime
  • kehlani
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|The Killer's Wife | by Kuro-Kuro_12
|The Killer's Wife |by •Author-chan•
You were forced to marry an insane person. It may be strange but not for "Him". "This world is always the same. Well , I wanna play a little game. Try to...
  • blood
  • forcedmarriage
  • animeguys
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What Did We Do by NadiaRobinson5
What Did We Doby WanderingNowhere
No one knew what happened that night, in that house. We knew if we told, things would go downhill and we be the first suspects and also the first to be arrested, but wha...
  • death
  • deathandlife
  • whatdidwedo
+10 more (Multimedia/Thriller) #teawards by Tayielorr
#4 (Multimedia/Thriller) Celestine
#Wattys2017 #teawards Multimedia / Thriller Story. is a blog run by a person hiding behind the name "Mystique". Everyone at Verdena Elite Campus l...
  • murders
  • killings
  • conundrum
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Shakk-A Zaya FF by ShrusthiPareek
Shakk-A Zaya FFby Shrusthi Pareek
What Happens when one gets married to a person who is damn Overprotective and Possive in nature....
  • zainabdullah
  • suspect
  • harshika
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Gangsta (A Jaylos Smut) by capricornbaby23
Gangsta (A Jaylos Smut)by 🍒pussycat doll🍒
Carlos has been raped by many men, and he meets a bad boy named Jay. Jay has beaten up many people at Auradon Prep. The two meet, become friends, and find their love for...
  • jaylos
  • revange
  • suspect
Hearken by JaxieHunter
Hearkenby Jaqueline Hunter
When 32-year-old surgeon, Mallory Mason is found murdered with all her limbs cut off and her face stabbed so many times it's almost unrecognizable, renowned Detective Jo...
  • mystery
  • thriller
  • action
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Guilty of Innocence by turtleluna
Guilty of Innocenceby Al
Accused of killing his parents, Chad must clear his name. But when the murder weapon shows up in his closet, he has to run. Strange calls from the killer lead him to Sea...
  • projectdiscoveryourtalent
  • talentawards2018
  • suspect
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A Gangster's Love(COMPLETED) by Stupidity_Pretty05
A Gangster's Love(COMPLETED)by Rickzell Louise Sison
Mga babaeng may angking galing sa taekwondo at iba pa, angking galing sa paggamit ng ibat ibang weapons at angking ganda na nakakapagbihag kani-kanino............ . . . ...
  • dagger
  • suspect
  • fight
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Blood Thirsty by _mariaaaa
Blood Thirstyby rhiadizon
It all started when Julia Millers got captured by two men who happened to be her classmates. These men took Julia to a place that Julia herself doesnt know, these men ra...
  • anger
  • murder
  • romance
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Digagahi Pembunuh Berantai by bae_irene01
Digagahi Pembunuh Berantaiby kembaranirene_
Apa yang akan terjadi bila suatu hari kau digagahi seorang pembunuh berantai? WARNING : HOMOPHOBIC, PERGI! EASILY TRIGERRED PERSON, PERGI! ...
  • mature
  • burglar
  • serialkiller
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Les demons du passé by manonpcd51490
Les demons du passéby manonpcd51490
Luna, une jeune femme de 18 ans, va partir, accompagnée de ses ami(e)s, à la découverte des secrets de son passé !...
  • voyage
  • enquête
  • famille
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Trusting Mr. Liar by TheRiverRunsDeep
Trusting Mr. Liarby Savvy
Nineteen-year-old, Davina White hates liars with a burning passion. You can guess her frustration when she's forced to trust Ryker Jett, the guy infamously known to be a...
  • english
  • davina
  • killer
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The Murder of March 13th by PelicanFeather0211
The Murder of March 13thby PelicanFeather0211
Four suspects, a Hitman, an Ex-Boyfriend, a drug addict, and a personal trainer. One murder. Miss Irene Adler. Adler is a notorious journalist for all of North Consway...
  • suspense
  • thriller
  • mystery-thriller
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Bloody. Purple.  Adrenaline... by Liz_Quin
Bloody. Purple. #LizQueen
What happens when there's a bloody, gashy murder in Southern California, and the killer is unknown? What happens when there are so many suspects, and you pray that the c...
  • investigation
  • adventure
  • bloody
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Who Murdered by shinedowner4life
Who Murderedby xTHExUNDERTAKERx
Abby Evans lost her husband to a murderer in his own house. There are many suspects, but who is the culprit? Find out in this story and I hope you enjoy.
  • mystery
  • journal
  • suspects
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#Deduction  by AmberlySunny
#Deduction by Amber Sonia Sinclair
Detective Deduction Murder Suspect Victim Codes Broken Trust Broken Family Lies and hatred. Loneliness "N-no, i-it ca-can't be.. why? We trusted you. H-how could y...
  • university
  • suspect
  • mystery
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The Chosen Twins and the Chamber of Secrets  by rachel6428302
The Chosen Twins and the Chamber Rachel Marsh
Last year, Emily Lily Potter and Harry James Potter found out they were witch and wizard, went on an exciting adventure at a magical school and battled the darkest sorce...
  • chamberofsecrets
  • diary
  • connection
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