{Chapter} 25

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{Chapter 25}

Wade smiled as he looked out over Kansas in front of him. Each step his horse took gave him more and more anticipation and brought him closer and closer to his wife.

“You okay, Dylan?” Erik asked.

Wade looked over at the man, glad to be sharing the job of handling the remuda with him. Wade and Erik shared the love of horses.

“Yeah, why?” Wade asked.

“You look a little anxious.”

Wade sighed. “Just wanna be home.”

“I can understand that,” Erik said with a smirk.

“It… it doesn’t feel natural, Erik.”


“Bein’ away from my woman for so long. If God made us one flesh, then He sure didn’t expect us to be apart for over a month at a time.”

Erik smiled. “You’ll make it. She’ll be waiting for you when you get home.”

“I know that,” Wade smiled, looking back to check on the horses he was leading.

Erik chuckled. “Bet she’s having the time of her life with those kids, huh?”

Wade nodded. “I hope so. Jay’s a good kid, but he can get a little rowdy at times.”

“Sandy can be the same way. You know those two go berserk when they’re together.”

“Not helping, McBride,” Wade mumbled.

Erik grinned again. “Eh, you’ll get used to it.”

Wade sighed. That’s what everyone said.


Aubrey tucked Jay in that night, the subtle moonlight spilling over the boy’s blonde head and over his quilt.

“When will Pa be home?” he asked groggily.

Aubrey sat on the bed beside him, her heart aching in pity for the boy. She had been so caught up in missing Wade herself that she hadn’t even thought of Jay missing his father.

“He’ll be home in a few weeks,” she answered, rubbing Jay’s arm.

“I want him home now.”

Aubrey sighed. “Me too, bud. Your Pa has a job to do, and you wouldn’t want him to be bad at his job, would you?”

Jay shook his head.

“Once he comes home, you’ll be glad he left. You know why?” Aubrey pressed.


“Because we talked about getting you a pony when he gets back and has the money for it,” Aubrey smiled as she poked Jay in his stomach.

Jay giggled. “Really?”

“But that’s only if you’re really good,” Aubrey cautioned.

“I’ll be good,” Jay reassured her.

Aubrey smiled. “Good. Now off to sleep.”

She kissed his forehead and walked to the door.

“Goodnight, Jay.”

“’Night momma.”

She shut the door with a sigh.

A few more weeks, Aubrey. Just a few more.

She sauntered into the kitchen where a few dishes were still waiting to be washed. She stared at the sink and found herself dreading doing the dishes alone again. Wade had always helped with the dishes, which was sweet because he knew that she hated washing dishes.

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