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Darkness and Pain by every_one_is_a_story
Darkness and Painby Spooky Flower Child
Follow Lucy on her journey, a test that will bring out the dark and light in all who surround her. As she makes friends, loves, and enemy's, watch her become stronger, a...
  • magic
  • light
  • axle
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A New Beginning (Completed) by Nablai
A New Beginning (Completed)by Nabeela
Michael had lost everything a day before Christmas- his company and his fiancee. He was depressed and didn't see how tomorrow(Christmas)would be a turning point in his l...
  • heartbreak
  • wattys2017
  • selfdiscovery
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Salt by friendofstrangers
Saltby Victoria
On a warm night in June of 1990, Sister Belinda of St. Nicholas Church off the coast of Brighton in a small village called Saltdean, was woken to a surprise on the doors...
  • town
  • magic
  • journey
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Scorned by _CherryQueen_
Scornedby Cherry Queen™
Beaten. Banished. Scorned. Broken? They wish. Valentina Stone is the daughter of a wealthy duchess, raised to be prim, proper and the perfect image of a lady. She has n...
  • revenge
  • kingdom
  • dragons
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Strength Within by EternalZephyr
Strength Withinby Zephy
  • journey
  • battle
  • win
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Cowboys & Englishmen by shewritesromance
Cowboys & Englishmenby shewritesromance
Sammy can't get anything right. So when she's asked to save her sisters wedding, she jumps in with both feet, determined to prove herself more than just a clumsy oaf, a...
  • journey
  • wattys2014
  • chicklit
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Tomorrow is a new day by WhiteCorruption
Tomorrow is a new dayby UNDERRATED
'Wait, on a scale from zero to Australia, how dangerous are we talking?' Credits to Christopher Shy for the cover used.
  • dangerous
  • queen
  • potion
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The Flower Shop  by brightlights101
The Flower Shop by Rochelle
She saw him in a rehab facility. He saw her in a flower shop. ... Her name was Daisy Levingston, twenty two years old and lives on her own with a feline named Seb. Dai...
  • romance
  • adultromance
  • sexy
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Yours Forever❤ by JahnaviPathak4
Yours Forever❤by Jahnavi Pathak
It's based on my lifeline Kundali bhagya... but some characters will be change... and new story of couples... and based on my imagination...💫
  • friendship
  • karan
  • preeta
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Olive the Other Werewolves by hooodster
Olive the Other Werewolvesby hooodster
[completed (-:] "Shift." His voice hit me like a serrated blade as he stepped out of the crude semicircle of hardened wolves that had formed around me. I push...
  • fiction
  • cute
  • supernatural
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New Horizons (A Pirate Story) by ShipwreckSamantha
New Horizons (A Pirate Story)by Shipwreck Samantha
"How dare you bring me aboard this ship without so much as telling me what you are?" She yelled. Kincade let out a smug grin, one that infuriated Astryd even m...
  • pirate
  • wattys2017
  • kingdom
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Run Away by artsypoem
Run Awayby Em
Chloe runs away with her little sister from her parents, and heads on an adventure to New York. There's drama, tears, fear and love, all on one journey. Nobody said is...
  • dreams
  • journey
  • family
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Wind Chronicles by _Gingy
Wind Chroniclesby Gingy
The wind whips along it's normal path... But what does it find there?
  • journey
  • leaf
  • hair
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Sleepless City, Lost Souls by shywaa
Sleepless City, Lost Soulsby shywaa
We were like trains. I was lost on track, you were too. We didn't mind, not realizing that we'll bump to each other and explode.
  • paramore
  • cityscapes
  • lostsoul
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Touch of Cancer by rye_shriv
Touch of Cancerby rye_shriv
Bella's incredible life that came with a side of breast cancer. She outlived the doctors expectations and is now trying to exceed her own. She's just trying to make the...
  • journey
  • cancer
  • mustread
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A Lifetime by charls_venile
A Lifetimeby charlysse tagle mahusay
A story that all started with a dream. As each night passes a story in a dreamland continues.
  • journey
  • life
  • dream
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Dragon series-BOOK I: Estral D'Avanta by thykaeus
Dragon series-BOOK I: Estral D' GUJUDHUR Harish Kumar
3rd time, same story revision, I wonder if I'm going to really write the story. A few rare support votes or comments is what I humbly request.
  • survival
  • supernatural
  • evil
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Unmei by lssonlrndthw
Unmeiby lssonlrndthw
Maybe Life is right, things don't always work out as planned. People do come and go. The strong ones stay until the end but after every end of every day, we have to alwa...
  • suicide
  • girlfriends
  • trouble
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My life  by reallydontcare2528
My life by HaileyFlett
My name is Hailey Flett there's a lot of ups and downs in my life this is my true life it can be horrible sometimes but I love it
  • life
  • hard
  • journey
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Hunter. by Cazador_Lindner
#20 Hunter Lindner
The thoughts of me, myself and I. Nothing more and nothing less. Read and enter my seen world in its written anatomy.
  • feelings
  • hunterskyelindner
  • thoughts
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