Special Thanks!

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Here is a list of people that I would like to thank!

The Lord! He has blessed me so much with a love of words! He gets all the glory for my writing.

prairiegirl90 - You've helped me so much! Prevented me from being embarrassed in the future too! :)

hanna19134 - You gave me so many ideas! How can I thank you enough? You are such a blessing!

BeaFree - You... There are no words. You are the best encourager I have ever come across. You helped me so much with your sweet and enthusiastic comments/messages. Keep writing, girl!

BillieTaylor-Fisher - You helped me with "The Boss Lady's Man" so much! I wasn't that popular then and your comments kept me going!

Writer for Christ - you were such an encouragement!

All of those who have voted/read - You guys are a special blessing! You didn't go by unnoticed!

Thank you guys so much! Now, I'm off to find another adventure to go on! Thank you guys for tagging along on this ride!! Hugs! xoxoxoxo!

Caity Coker <3

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