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Ice Age: The Misfit Herd by xxBlackRose132xx
Ice Age: The Misfit Herdby xxBlackRose132xx
Jade was a lone saber that had been by herself ever since she left her pack, three years ago. You could say trust issues was something that the young saber had. One day...
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The Horse Shifter and the Alpha by Horse_Lover_33
The Horse Shifter and the Alphaby Horse_Lover_33
Meet Majestic. She is a 16 year old horse shifter. She stands at 16hh in horse form and 5.5 in human form. Her whole family has lived in the Hell and all died in it, all...
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You'll never catch me alive! by Zequine
You'll never catch me alive!by Ains
Meet our main character; Dark. Dark is a black arabian horse who lives with her herd somewhere on this planet. Dark knows very little about her past, except that she is...
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Runaway Shifter {Completed} by ganzfield33
Runaway Shifter {Completed}by Ganzfield
Guinevere, a wolf, leopard, lion and tiger shifter has just escaped the horse shifters after being held captive for two years.
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Ice Age: Life On Thin Ice by xStarrySquidx
Ice Age: Life On Thin Iceby 🌟StarrySquid🌟
With seasons changing and migration instincts kicking in, all the mammals are heading off towards the south. A young saber, Hazel, was no exception. She was a lone sabe...
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The Forgotten Soul by Hhockey18
The Forgotten Soulby Hannah Martin
In this "mythical" world, many people believed that horses were meant for riding. That they were just animals, beasts, and even uncontrollable animals. Though...
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Cheyenne by JennyChey
Cheyenneby JennyChey
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Dancing  by countryreb020
Dancing by Country Writer
What if humans didn't inhabit the earth anymore? What if they were shifters that lived in groups large enough to be a city or small enough to inhabit a large ranch? Wh...
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The Horse Shifter by Dark_Angel73
The Horse Shifterby hell to this world
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Call of the Wind by FireTormented
Call of the Windby Fire
Midnight is a mustang filly with a drive for competition. She wins every race.... Except for her last one. Events happen, causing her to feel as if the world is against...
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book 1 || Taka's Journey by -aceisforeverloved
book 1 || Taka's Journeyby ace
"you're breaking my heart." ────────────────── Born to run, Taka flees from her old, sad life. Though little did she know, she would run into someone who wo...
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The Matchmaker's Match by CaitlynRachelC
The Matchmaker's Matchby Caitlyn Coker
“Where is revenge going to get you, Adam? What’s it going to prove?” Katie asked. “He killed my brother, Kate. I won’t rest until I bring him to justice” “By murder?” ...
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Shira X Diego: New Life by SilverstreamXGallus
Shira X Diego: New Lifeby GallusXSilverstream
This story takes place after Ice Age Collision Course. It's mostly just about Shira and Diego, who will have cubs very soon. Enjoy!
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Ice Age: A New Beginning {COMPLETE} by HTTYDLOVER1
Ice Age: A New Beginning {COMPLETE}by Anime Lover
When Buck meets a mysterious weasel, she turns everything around for him when he falls for her. Will the herd not let them be together... Or will they?
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The Life of a Wild Horse by jess_hi
The Life of a Wild Horseby Jessi
Colebrook is a brown and white paint stallion, with a black mane and tail. He is born in a beautiful valley, with a loving mother, and a strong father. What happens when...
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The Names Luna {On Hold} by DragonLover418
The Names Luna {On Hold}by Eshi
Luna is a shape shifter, not just any shifter, a horse shifter. She was kicked out of her home for being the only one in her family that could shift to a horse. Her fath...
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Poems I've Written Recently by TheRoz81
Poems I've Written Recentlyby Craig Rozniecki
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Ice age: continental drift (Diego x Shira) by iloveanimals1400
Ice age: continental drift (Diego...by iloveanimals1400
What would happen if there was to sabers. Who would Diego fall in love for.. Will shira fall in love with Diego, or would Diego and his ex girlfriend/ first girlfriend g...
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Rawhide - Incident of the lost past by eastwoodflemingfreak
Rawhide - Incident of the lost pastby Arwen ;)
Elissa Faulkner, a female bounty hunter, is searching for man, who, she knows, joined the Gil Favor outfit. She tries to get herself a job with the herd, trying to track...
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Devil's Dance - //Naruto FanFic// by prettypillage
Devil's Dance - //Naruto FanFic//by prettypillage
To many who know him, say he's apathetic, careless , and unhelpful when it comes to others. To many who knew him, called him independent , harsh and stubborn. Reincarnat...
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