Force To Marry The Billionaire  by DazedOfRosen
Force To Marry The Billionaire by Sh🤫
WARNING: This story has SEXUAL scene and swear words. PLEASE ADVISE that I will block you or report for commenting bad things. Their will be gif that shows nudes. 18+. I...
  • mafia
  • stephrayner
  • warning
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Experiment Zero  by dangeroustoken
Experiment Zero by dangeroustoken
There's more out there than you think. Ashley Cartwright works on a secluded island for her father as a secretary. The lab her father works at it planning on discov...
  • excitement
  • sciencefiction
  • bermudatranigle
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The Demon And His Prey  by loo5678
The Demon And His Prey by loo
"My name's Jungkook, I run this town and you Miss Y/N, are my new fiancée. Congratulations." What will happen when you find yourself engaged to a Mafia boss, w...
  • bts
  • demon
  • suga
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Mafia's Woman by DancingRainDrops1
Mafia's Womanby DancingRaindrops
The moment I approached his isolated mansion in the middle of the woods, I knew my life was forever changed. The moment I laid my eyes on him, I knew my life was forever...
  • power
  • innocent
  • love
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The Bad Boys little Fighter (completed)  by Burning_Embers__
The Bad Boys little Fighter (compl...by Burning_Embers__
The Bad Boys Little Fighter Two people that seem so different, but are they really? Luka Knight, the bad boy of the school. The gang leader. The one person you don't wa...
  • fighter
  • family
  • fights
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Wicked Games (Bishop Mafia Series 1) by AthenaBipasha
Wicked Games (Bishop Mafia Series...by AthenaBipasha
Born into a powerful family, the world is at his feet. Yet, Dean fights a daily battle within. His only solace is the darkness, which covers him completely, consuming hi...
  • mafia
  • generalfiction
  • darkness
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The Gang Leader by UserKeyUnknown
The Gang Leaderby UserKeyUnknown
"Kill him, I can't see his filthy face anymore. And kill all his whores" I ordered Jack and looked back at the sluts this man had. 7 to be exact, all with surg...
  • gangs
  • thegirl
  • gangleader
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Doctor for the Mafia [original] by aTouchOfRomance
Doctor for the Mafia [original]by aTouchOfRomance
~This is the original version of the story. Check out "The Mafia's Doctor" for the edited version. --- Kimberly Stratus was a doctor working at one of the bes...
  • money
  • guns
  • love
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The Demon King by rosi696969
The Demon Kingby rosi696969
Centuries ago we were dominated by The Demon King. He killed everyone who despised him and refused to bow down to him. Every human gave up hope on ever feeling free agai...
  • love
  • lovestory
  • fear
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Life with The Gang Leader by WildHeartsRun_
Life with The Gang Leaderby WildHeartsRun_
Natalie and Carter's family is growing. As well as their gang, but gangs aren't forever. You must go through a great deal in order to "give up" the gang life...
  • tattoos
  • danger
  • romance
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The Wolf's Refusal by TwistedDreams98
The Wolf's Refusalby Sophie
Sneak peak: "Fuck you." He grinned, "You already have." That was when I slapped him. Across the face. Hard. Leaving an angry hand print on the right...
  • brothers
  • werewolf
  • pack
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Nefarious: The Victim (1) by LailaLiliana
Nefarious: The Victim (1)by 𝓛𝓪𝓲𝓵𝓪
Nefarious Book 1 of 3 - The Victim → ❉ ← "Being in the Mafia was a...
  • mafiaboss
  • crime
  • abuse
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Death of a King by The_Queen_97
Death of a Kingby Carebear!
Sadie Caster is a good girl with a bad attitude and the mouth of a sailor to match. Though she pretends life is perfect, her family is falling apart, shredded by death a...
  • wattys2018
  • wattys2017
  • blood
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Werewolf Committee by CourageousReader
Werewolf Committeeby E
Every year a student is chosen to get a scholarship to graduate at the official Werewolf Committee. No one gets to meet or even see the high society wolves unless they a...
  • enemies
  • mates
  • pack
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The Princess of The Mafia Boss by gg_xo2
The Princess of The Mafia Bossby gg
Meet Damon Colombo he has everything he needs to make a girl fall head over heels for him. He's rich and handsome with a body sculptured like a Greek god. He is a big la...
  • dominating
  • waitress
  • drama
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Alpha's Mate  (Completed) by AwarenessA
Alpha's Mate (Completed)by Vera
She's your unbelievably stubborn, everyday, typical teenage girl. That is, until some random guy shows up at her doorstep, claiming she is a werewolf... And that he's...
  • mate
  • adventure
  • wolf
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Ian's Curvy Princess (Royal Love 1) by worldreader18
Ian's Curvy Princess (Royal Love 1)by Lizzy Paige
Layla was always picked on about her weight, but when her best friend hurt her she had enough and leaves the country. Two years later she gets an invite to come to her e...
  • friends
  • royalbrides
  • island
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Mafia Boss & Me  by Rafu_0786
Mafia Boss & Me by Rafu_0786
Amanda decided to help her brother's bestfriend to stop his wedding and in order to do that she must act like a pregnant women. Though she manages to help him, she herse...
  • guns
  • possessive
  • couple
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"Dangerously Unusual" ✔- Mafia Romance (Book 1) by Yves Chanelle. by InterracialChanelle
"Dangerously Unusual" ✔- Mafia Rom...by Yves Chanelle
(18+: Book 1 of my Mafia trilogy.) *-NOTE: This book was reported and then deleted by wattpad for some explicit gifs I'd used and so I had to republish it. It had reache...
  • drugs
  • humor
  • love
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Elle's Saviour Restricted Chapters (18+ ONLY) by HayleBales
Elle's Saviour Restricted Chapters...by -HAYLEY-
Does what it says on the tin. Restricted, smutty chapters of Elle's Saviour.
  • chicklit
  • secrets
  • agegap
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