What I have been taught

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Most of the time it's all about what the readers have learned from this story/series, but this time I'm going to share what I've learned from my characters. They've seen me through some hard times in the past months.

Toni has taught me strength. She taught me to never be afraid to stand up and speak my piece. I've been a pushover for a lot of my life. Toni showed me that it's not acceptable.

Erik taught me to never give up on people. Just because some are a little harder to reach doesn't mean that you have to give up on them.

Wade taught me to invest in people. They're worth the time and effort in the end. Taking time out of your day to do even the smallest thing for someone can change their whole day around.

Aubrey taught me to trust people. There really are people that care about you and you need to trust them.

Katie taught me to help people. Sometimes they need pointed in the right direction. *wink*

Adam taught me a couple of things. First, to be brave. God knows what he's doing, and sometimes you just have to step out. Second, to forgive. Harboring hate can't help anyone with anything.

I guess I sort of taught these things to myself, but sometimes the characters just take flight on their own.

Thanks for reading!

~A Blessed Author

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