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Our World by countryreb020
Our Worldby Country Writer
They were friends for years. He moved away when they were sixteen. She's missed him dearly. She works for his uncle while he's gone. When he comes back, he comes back wi...
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AVALON by palominolane
AVALONby palominolane
PUBLISHED ON AMAZON.COM Avalon has spent her entire life on her family's Cattle Station in Northern Queensland. In her eyes there is nothing sweeter than working the lan...
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Getting handsy with the hired hand  by bowhunter15
Getting handsy with the hired hand by bowhunter15
Meredith is the daughter of a cattle rancher. She helps her dad do everything on the ranch because she's his only child. What happens when her dad hires a head-strong bu...
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The Matchmaker's Match by CaitlynRachelC
The Matchmaker's Matchby Caitlyn Coker
“Where is revenge going to get you, Adam? What’s it going to prove?” Katie asked. “He killed my brother, Kate. I won’t rest until I bring him to justice” “By murder?” ...
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Sing For Me Lady Death! [Urd X OC]  by moelang-d
Sing For Me Lady Death! [Urd X OC] by moelang-d
A certain girl lives in the vampire capital Moscow. She is always trying her best for her family. When she gets the chance to rise in a better position she loses everyt...
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Cowboy Caress- BoyxBoy Oneshot by Tainted_Grace
Cowboy Caress- BoyxBoy Oneshotby Your Humble Author
When a really hot, sexy-as-fuck ranch-hand named Bennett meets the farmer's son, Garrett, all hell is bound to break loose out on the huge Johnson property as the sun go...
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A Marriage Deal by l-e-g-o-l-a-s
A Marriage Dealby Legolas Greenleaf
Alonzo Travis is a very talented bull rider and is a third generation rancher. Not only is he successful on the circuit but he comes from a good family. He keeps God in...
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The Ghost's Redemption by roansNropes
The Ghost's Redemptionby Wild Flower Child🌻
Maggie McNeily is not the average 1860's American Frontier woman. Only at the age of 19, she lives by herself in the wide open spaces of the Dakota territories; raising...
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The Thoroughbred   {Harry Styles A.U}                          {Coming Slowly}   by shmexyharold94
The Thoroughbred {Harry Styles Marie Hernandez
"Would you be willing to give me a kiss before I go to work?" Harry asked with a timid smirk. "Oh I'd be willing to do a whole lot more than that, cowboy...
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Puppy Love by Aponycalleddenny
Puppy Loveby Taylor
14 year old Audrey Ison is a simple country girl livin' in the city with her mum, her dad died a few years ago of cancer. When her mother sends her away to her uncle Joe...
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The Choice by hanahjolieyolo
The Choiceby HanahJolie
Devan key is a normal 19 year old boy living on a farm with his family. Hanah Hayes is a 17 year old girl trying to find her life that's has been missing for so many yea...
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Just Like Animals by NotLikeTheOthers666
Just Like Animalsby King Asshat
Gareth and his loving wife, Skully, have been kicking serious ass since the world as they'd known it had gone in the shitter, and by eachother's side since long before t...
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The Thunder Rolls by SagHorseWonders
The Thunder Rollsby The Girl in the Red Dress
Luke has to hire a new ranchhand because his boss, and the owner of the ranch, was injuried while working on the ranch. However, the new ranch hand might be more than he...
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Rawhide #3 by megbshaw89
Rawhide #3by Megan
Megan Forster is found by Gil Favor and his men one hot, dry day. After they heal her, her story is a rather interesting one. When her friend comes along, things get eve...
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The cowboy and the cowgirl by maggie1101
The cowboy and the cowgirlby maggie1101
Hank's been a rancher since he turned 18 now 26. He is on the road to romance will he forget the rules and love her or turn away from love? Molly's been a cowgirl since...
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Rawhide - Incident of the lost past by eastwoodflemingfreak
Rawhide - Incident of the lost pastby Arwen ;)
Elissa Faulkner, a female bounty hunter, is searching for man, who, she knows, joined the Gil Favor outfit. She tries to get herself a job with the herd, trying to track...
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Queen of the Ranch by CelestiaVictoria
Queen of the Ranchby Celeste Victoria
Motherless, and no father around, her aunt took care of her. ∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆•∆ Virginia Carolinas McKenzie was once a naive, shy, weak and unkn...
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Rawhide by megbshaw89
Rawhideby Megan
Megan Forster is a girl on the run. After her best friends deranged older brother forcefully steals her innocence when she's only 12 years old, she jumps onto the back o...
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The Personal Journal of Odysseus by A_LovesPenguins
The Personal Journal of Odysseusby Ally Logan
A Journal that Odysseus kept on his journey home. Part One of the Odyssey that I did in class. Hope you enjoy. What was Odysseus thinking as he sacrificed his men to the...
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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (READ DESCRIPTION) by lydiu05
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not ( 𝕝 𝕪 𝕕
FORMERLY TITLED "New Shoes" As of 9/13/18, I'm uploading the first chapter. BUT...chapters may be uploaded a while apart. Remember, patience is a virtue ;) Spe...
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