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Bullet by SimplyxJess
Bulletby Jess
“Love’s like a bullet. It’s fast. It’s furious. Sometimes you can’t see it coming. You can run from it. But you can’t dodge it. Unless someone stands in your way…” Growi...
  • gratitude
  • hero
  • life
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Straight through the Heart by lystrandra
Straight through the Heartby Lystra
-Story #2 of Nerd in Disguise- The name's Naomi Jax Smith. People call me Jax for short. The dude to my 3 o'clock is my twin brother Robin Matthias Smith. People call hi...
  • boy
  • family
  • love
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You're Not My Flavor by MADcreations
You're Not My Flavorby MAD
**Sequel to Bite Me** "So, here I am, working as an island and hotel resort manager, without a shirt, skipping down the hallways towards the elevator. Isn’t life gr...
  • girlfriend
  • hate
  • bullet
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A Dangerous Innocence  by HaveFaith101
A Dangerous Innocence by D h a n aღ
Ask yourself this, how long does it take to fall in love with the man of your dreams? And I don't mean good dreams... I mean Nightmares... Leah Sullivan was thirte...
  • tyler
  • weak
  • danger
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Deadly Wings [IN EDITING] by funnybear12
Deadly Wings [IN EDITING]by Funnybear12
"Don't move." His husky voice spoke below a whisper, my shoulders pressed against his muscular chest. I relaxed, feeling the small flutter of his wings as I re...
  • guns
  • action
  • hell
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Rooming With Ash (PUBLISHED,  EXTENDED SAMPLE) by IziKing
Rooming With Ash (PUBLISHED, EXTE...by IziKing
[This is an extended sample of a now published book. See inside for more details] ~ *WARNING, i wrote this book when i was like 13...do with that info whatever you will*...
  • beautiful
  • ash
  • love
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The Bow Brothers by Charlotte21102015
The Bow Brothersby Charlotte21102015
My heart physically hurt "I don't know what you want from me" I whimpered and took another step back but he closed the space "I want you to understand t...
  • bullet
  • gắng
  • teenfiction
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The Utonium Daughters by powerpuffangel102
The Utonium Daughtersby powerpuffangel102
Six boys that live in Townsville, is going to visit an old friend of their's. They are going to visit a woman named Beatrice, the sister of their old friend who was a sc...
  • rrb
  • boomer
  • bubbles
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SÉVÈÑ BÜLLÊT MÅFÎÃ [SU] by justcallmebear
Why Bullet? "Bullet is pretty"- kj "But really"- ph "DANGEROUS"- Bullet Seven girls that everyone thinks they're just a girls..but you do...
  • myg
  • knj
  • mafia
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The Mafia Boss by VoicelessMidnight
The Mafia Bossby VoicelessMidnight
C O M P L E T E D "Ako 'yong tipo ng taong hindi mo gugustuhing banggain..." Tiningnan ko siya ng diretso sa mata. "...dahil sa oras na gawin mo. Ako mis...
  • mafia
  • fight
  • university
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Mr. Mafia's Cold Heart by VoicelessMidnight
Mr. Mafia's Cold Heartby VoicelessMidnight
MAFIA SERIES #1 "Akala ko ligtas ako sa tabi mo" Pagak akong natawa sa sarili kong katangahan. Nakatayo lang siya sa harap ko at malamig na sinasalubong ang mg...
  • sacrifice
  • teenfiction
  • teenfic
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My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Season 3) Fan Continuation by diwatangalyssa
My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Season...by Barbie
Dalawampu't limang taong nakalipas...
  • roswell
  • blacksociety
  • roswells
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Kidnapped By The Badboy (Completed) by Dany_K
Kidnapped By The Badboy (Completed)by MendesGirl
"I just want to suggest you something.". "What?" He took a step forward and said. "Why are you always there with Bella?" "And why d...
  • house
  • zane
  • forest
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Anime Dudes one shots (requests closed) by ILOVENINJAS202
Anime Dudes one shots (requests cl...by ILOVENINJAS202
This is one of those things where people put in request about their favorite character and I try to write about them depending if request are closed. So just read this t...
  • dudes
  • bullet
  • leviackerman
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Truth or Dare by NiSel_143
Truth or Dareby Nicole V. Surigao
Truth - tell them the truth if they asks you anything.Don't you dare tell them a lie beacuse you don't wanna know what will happen to you..anytime...anywhere.. Dare - do...
  • bullet
  • popular
  • truthfully
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Toxic Bullet by ryden-trash_
Toxic Bulletby ?
Crystal or, Toxic Bullet, is a 19 year old Killjoy orphan who was lost for a while, but found by her long time friend Party Poison. Poison and his group of killjoys liv...
  • poison
  • danger
  • mcr
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Omega: the Sequel by vb123321
Omega: the Sequelby Monica
Warning: Contains spoilers. Do not read unless you have read "Delta: a spy novel" before reading this, or you'll be massively confused and you'll ruin it for y...
  • shot
  • gun
  • agency
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The Chamber [Sequel to Silence] by Hazzer123
The Chamber [Sequel to Silence]by Hayley Anderton
(5 years after the events of Silence) Arrian Rider was the Victor of the 38th Hunger Games, and now leads a double life in District 7. He's in assoication with District...
  • 28th
  • golden
  • puddings
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The Matchmaker's Match by CaitlynRachelC
The Matchmaker's Matchby Caitlyn Coker
“Where is revenge going to get you, Adam? What’s it going to prove?” Katie asked. “He killed my brother, Kate. I won’t rest until I bring him to justice” “By murder?” ...
  • break
  • dream
  • past
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Some Scars Never Fade by breezygirl27
Some Scars Never Fadeby Briiiii
Chris is an average teenage girl- except for the small detail that she and her friends are into an illegal work called street fighting. Dealing with abuse at home, and b...
  • decisions
  • questions
  • danger
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