{Prologue} - Two months Earlier

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Two months earlier

“The bank’s being robbed! The bank’s being robbed!” A voice shouted from down the street.

Deputy Adam Sterling looked to his boss, Sheriff Duncan, with fear in his heart. Duncan waved to him.

“Go check it out, boy!” he said.

Adam gritted his teeth against the man’s laziness, running out of the Sheriff’s office and down the street toward the bank as a shot rang through the dusty air. He had an eerie feeling in his stomach before he even reached the bank. Men rode down the street and out of sight. Adam was tempted to ride after them but opted to look at the damage in the bank first and track them afterwards.

He reached the crowd surrounding the door and pushed his way through. The line of people ended in front of a body on the ground.

Adam’s stomach clenched and he nearly vomited there in the middle of the bank.

“Joel?” he knelt beside the man.

But it was too late. He was dead.

“They got away with six thousand” the bank teller said.

Adam’s jaw hardened and he jerked up to his feet.

“I’m sorry, Deputy” the doc said from beside him where he knelt beside the shot man.

“No” Adam said through his clenched teeth. “They’ll be the ones sorry.”

He pushed back through the crowd and got back to the Sheriff’s office.

“What’s the damage?” Sheriff Duncan asked.

“They killed Joel” Adam stated simply.

“Hmm” was the only sympathy he received from the portly lawman.

Adam resisted the urge to direct the shotgun he was loading on the heartless man.

For now, he would focus all his rage on his brother’s murderers and bring them to justice… even if he died in the process.

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