{Chapter} 34

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{Chapter 34}

Aubrey jerked up to a standing position as the doctor entered the room.

"Thank God you're here," she breathed.

The doctor, James Wilkinson, nodded toward her and walked to stand beside Wade.

"How long has he been unconscious?" Wilkinson asked.

Aubrey looked to Toni, who stood in the far corner in the shadows.

"Most of the day," Toni answered.

The doctor felt Wade's pulse, watching his pocket watch. After a moment, he closed the watch and put it back into his vest pocket. Next, he examined the wound. He peeled back the blood soaked bandages and Aubrey cringed at the gruesome sight. She heard Wade faintly groan and was on the verge of another onslaught of tears. This was not as she envisioned his arrival back home. It had been her greatest fear, but not her expectations. Even Jay didn't know what to think of the arrival.

Toni had hardly left the room; except for the one time, she went to see her daughter for a few minutes. Other than that, she had stuck beside Aubrey and helped in any ay she could. Erik was in and out of the room often, bringing them things they needed and checking to see if they wanted anything. Aubrey couldn't be more thankful for their presence.

"We need to act quickly," Wilkinson replaced Wade's bloodied bandages. "If we don't get that bullet out, we'll lose him."

Toni nodded and looked at Aubrey.

"Let's do it, then!" Aubrey said.

Dr. Wilkinson and Toni both stared at her with pity in their eyes.

What was going to happen that she didn't know about?


Adam shook his head at all the shocked faces he received upon entering town. People probably assumed him dead, especially that man he worked for, Sheriff Duncan. Wouldn't he be in for a surprise?

Adam led the horse that his three prisoners were tied to while Tiny followed behind with a gun. Muted whispers behind cupped hands and scowls of contempt were nearly enough to make Adam flinch in what he was doing, showing up in town after he had vanished off the face of the earth for months. However, he rode right up to the Sheriff's office and dismounted. Striding up onto the boardwalk and standing before the door, Adam took a deep breath before entering.

"Duncan!" he announced, walking toward the man's desk.

Duncan stared at him as if he were seeing double. Adam paid no mind to him.

"I've got three men outside who need to be locked up in your jail. They robbed the town bank back three months ago. Two have assaulted a woman all of them should be charged with attempted murder," Adam said.

Duncan continued to stare at him.

"Well? Give me the key, man!" Adam held out his hand.

Duncan sputtered and reached inside his desk drawer, withdrawing they keys to the jail cells in the back.

"Thank you, sir." Adam took the keys with an exaggerated move of his arm and walked back outside to tell Tiny to bring the prisoners in. The big man handled the three men with ease.

Adam walked down a hall to where the cells were, and opened one, throwing Alex inside.

"Hope you like your accommodations, Harrison. This is the finest you'll see for a while."

Alex scowled at him.

After depositing the other two prisoners in a cell, Adam walked back out to the office area.

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