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Dumped! by XxSassyCynicxX
Dumped!by XxSassyCynicxX
Deana Carter has always been superstitious and cynical. She's always waiting for the other shoe to drop and expecting the inevitable - disappointment. So, when she meets...
  • wine
  • talk
  • memories
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Strawberries & Cigarettes by vcw226
Strawberries & Cigarettesby vcw226
She has obsessive-compulsive disorder. He finished all the required classes for graduating by his freshman year. She trains in ballet four hours a day, five days a week...
  • discovery
  • present
  • cherry
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KPOP MANIA! •[ Open Applyfic ]• by buttthunder
KPOP MANIA! •[ Open Applyfic ]•by ‘ ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ’
ᴰᴱˢᶜᴿᴵᴾᵀᴵᴼᴺ ↴ Kpop Mania a must go to ride for kpop fans all around the world held in Seoul, South Korea. See Ride Definition? үεs σя үεs? Welcome! Kpop Mania is a ride...
  • kpopsongs
  • amusementpark
  • ride
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Ride Or Die ✔️ by BrunetteMarionette
Ride Or Die ✔️by BrunetteMarionette
Rosalie Toretto is the youngest member of the Toretto clan at the age of 17, Rosalie is very much a 'Daddy's Girl' when it came to Dom even though he's not her father he...
  • oconnor
  • family
  • money
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Juvenile Delinquent by tall_girl
Juvenile Delinquentby Melissa
Sara Lockwood is a delinquent. Serving time for manslaughter and car theft since she was 14, Sara is released on parole to finish her last year of high school under med...
  • crime
  • death
  • ride
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Playing The Bad Boy's Game (Completed July 2012) FIRST BOOK SO IT IS CRAP W A R N I N G by 3pointt14
Playing The Bad Boy's Game (Comple...by 3.141592653589
I love the players. He loves the game. (CONFUSING-THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK SO IT SUCKS. WARNING. ONLY ON WATTPAD FOR NOSTALGIC PURPOSES. Written and completed on June 201...
  • irony
  • humor
  • heart
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Even Goody Two-Shoes Have Secrets by BraveNewWriter
Even Goody Two-Shoes Have Secretsby BraveNewWriter
Her name is Melanie Clark and she’s a goody two-shoes. She’s always followed the rules. In fact, she’s a bit of a moralist. Never been kissed, never snuck out, and never...
  • teacher
  • beach
  • birthday
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Project Blood Moon by KC-Blares
Project Blood Moonby KC
I can't remember the time I actually felt human. Was I only two then? Maybe... Or was I younger? All I know is that I was once a normal human being. But now? Now I'm a m...
  • monster
  • vampire
  • wolves
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When I Look At You  (Book 2- Mated Hearts Series) Complete by MercyRose
When I Look At You (Book 2- Mated...by Tara
Amy is a focused student and just wants to enjoy a care free senior year. Her family is fiercely over protective and she accepted years ago that boys just wasn't worth...
  • talent
  • pet
  • heart
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"Football is a Man's Sport" My Derriere. by hobbity0923
"Football is a Man's Sport" My Der...by Gracie
Elizabeth Kane's life is pretty normal. School, parents, annoying siblings, you name it. But after a life changing accident that her older brother, Gabriel, goes through...
  • jersey
  • tackle
  • mom
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Primis and Ultimis Crews X Reader One-shots And Imagines by balder614
Primis and Ultimis Crews X Reader...by Kira
The title says it all. I won't do lemons, but I may do the ultimis crew if enough people want me to. Requests are open and feel free to request more than once! I hope...
  • primiscrew
  • xreader
  • oneshot
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The Matchmaker's Match by CaitlynRachelC
The Matchmaker's Matchby Caitlyn Coker
“Where is revenge going to get you, Adam? What’s it going to prove?” Katie asked. “He killed my brother, Kate. I won’t rest until I bring him to justice” “By murder?” ...
  • enemies
  • grudge
  • home
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A Convenient Wife - A Norman Reedus Fanfic Romance by cantgettosleep
A Convenient Wife - A Norman Reedu...by cantgettosleep
Semi-mature. There is such a thing as being too 'eligible' a bachelor and Norman is finding the price of fame a high one. He thought having a wife would give him some p...
  • normanreedus
  • ride
  • wattys2019
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Falling In Love Again by SarahSwartz
Falling In Love Againby Sarah Teresa Swartz
SOMETIMES A FIRST LOVE ISN'T ALWAYS A FIRST LOVE... College senior, Sarah Evans was in love once but that was until her boyfriend of four years cheated on her. She thoug...
  • scotteastwood
  • scott
  • fallinginloveagain
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Adopted by Norman Reedus by danni_topper
Adopted by Norman Reedusby danni_topper
Logan is a 14 year old girl who lives in the home for orphaned girls. One day she gets adopted by the one person who can help her. Will she put her past behind her or w...
  • daryldixon
  • abused
  • adopted
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Blindly Running into Trouble by evryday_imstumblin
Blindly Running into Troubleby evryday_imstumblin
THIS BOOK IS MOSTLY FOR THE WEIRD!! "Basically this story is about Avan who is a blind, grumpy, moody, arro-" "Okay! I think they get your point."...
  • mini
  • detention
  • romance
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Can It Happen? (A RiDe love story) [complete] by balder614
Can It Happen? (A RiDe love story)...by Kira
Entry 741021: Perhaps this station will hold the key to the real goals of group 935. I still do not trust my unconventional allies...but they are of great use to me. B...
  • masaki
  • richtofen
  • ride
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Handcuffs Are So Juvenile by DarkestNight
Handcuffs Are So Juvenileby Night
Tracy Marcus was a delinquent. And a really good criminal. Every night, she'd be chased by annoyed police, dodging flying bullets, or sneaking into buildings. However...
  • delinquent
  • stop
  • food
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Broken Road (a RiDe and TaNi love story) by balder614
Broken Road (a RiDe and TaNi love...by Kira
Edward Richtofen; scientist of group nine-three-five, Tank Dempsey; U.S. marine, Takeo Masaki; a Japanese soldier, and Nikolai Belinski; a Russian soldier. Four men tha...
  • takeo
  • dempsey
  • belinski
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H.S. One Shots by Bea_Nice
H.S. One Shotsby Bea_Nice
Harry Styles AU stories that make you feel a little more.
  • cuddlebuddy
  • wattys2016
  • homeless
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