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Falling For The Billionaire (Completed) by CosmicAlbatross
Falling For The Billionaire ( Nithya
Skylar Summers broke up with the former love of her life seven years ago. After the painful year, she never did so much as look back at her past. Now, after pursuing her...
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RAIN  by taecomet
RAIN by taecomet
in sadness, they find happiness. short story BTS TAEGI AU [completed]
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Beg Me by Wiked17
Beg Meby Wiked17
" Love is not how you forget but how you forgive, not how you listen but how you understand, not what you see but how you feel, not how you let go but ho...
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THE GIRL  by H_hyunseo
THE GIRL by Lang hyunjin
This story is about a Japanese girl called "Kayako Saeki" known as the grudge...
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The Grudge 4 ✔️ by jxssimarie
The Grudge 4 ✔️by Jessi
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Secret (BTS Fanfiction/ Kim Taehyung Fanfic) (Complete) by real__ss
Secret (BTS Fanfiction/ Kim real__ss
Jeon Jinhee - Just say her name, all people will be mesmerized. Her wealthy always be main topic. Her beauty no one can deny it. But she keep a secret. A secret will ope...
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Jealousy (kuroo x bakuto x akaashi) by NoyaTanaka
Jealousy (kuroo x bakuto x akaashi)by NoyaTanaka
What happens when you and your best friend like the same person? It doesn't end well right? Well that's what I hoped wouldn't happen. But here we are.
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The Stairwell - The Grudge Contest by charlottemallory
The Stairwell - The Grudge Contestby charlottemallory
For the Wattpad @FRIGHT contest! ... When John Tanner is summoned to a house by a realtor for a haunting, he comes across Detective Derek Rowels. John is doing what he c...
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Aesthetic grudge ♡ by Tony2023
Aesthetic grudge ♡by caramella the tree
How to be a grudge girl
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Above White by rejaleniacaws
Above Whiteby G. V. Arkanski
Bruises and belts were normal things for Claire, so were scars and the knives that drew them on her skin. She knew life could only get worse the longer she lived. To pro...
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In Her Arms by techpencreations
In Her Armsby techpencreations
A story of a daughter's journey in finding the answers that can quench her thirst for revenge. And a mother's enduring love for a coldhearted daughter.
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The Grudge by chris_hartley
The Grudgeby Harper
Jack hasn't heard from his sister in a week, and out of concern, he goes to her house to try and find her. But when someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage, a curse...
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Never Fallen Out by Wilddemigod
Never Fallen Outby Kuhu
Travis Collins is a very proud and arrogant boy, but has a soft heart. He had been chased by a girl whom he disliked. Luckily for him she leaves one day with her dad aft...
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Charlotte by LizBethanny
Charlotteby LizBethanny
Reader beware. #TheGrudgeContest
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Opposite Day | editing by Despoina4368
Opposite Day | editingby Rilla
two ex-best friends celebrate strange holidays via airwaves a novel told through phone calls, voicemails, text messages, and conversations rankings: #1 in amputee #1 in...
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House Demon  by Sp1cyR0se
House Demon by Sp1cyR0se
Inspired By The Grudge.
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The Curse Of The Grudge by book_reader_777
The Curse Of The Grudgeby Paige Bootes
This is just a short story I made up that takes place in the Grudge universe. Please give it a try and let me know what you think⭐⭐
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The Homecoming of Kayla King by amplebust
The Homecoming of Kayla Kingby JM
Would you love the person you hate? Would you love the person who remind you of your past? ===="===="===="===="==== "Oh." The woman...
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Daddy Issues by UntoldLines
Daddy Issuesby UntoldLines
"You're awful! I hope you die alone." "I planned on it." Little Susie--now known as Sue Raymond, CEO of Ray Publishings is a thick skinned, megaloman...
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The Grudge Contest by rachelwebbmyers
The Grudge Contestby Rachel Webb
This is my submission to The Grudge Contest. A short story of a girl named Madison and her encounter with an angry spirit.
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