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Ghost of Christmas Past by MelissaMayer-Blue
Ghost of Christmas Pastby Melissa Mayer-Blue
The ghost of Christmas past may be the perfect nudge into the future… Lillian Langston is almost ready to throw in the towel when her husband, U.S. Marshal David Langsto...
  • adventure
  • story
  • western
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A Marriage Deal by l-e-g-o-l-a-s
A Marriage Dealby Legolas Greenleaf
Alonzo Travis is a very talented bull rider and is a third generation rancher. Not only is he successful on the circuit but he comes from a good family. He keeps God in...
  • cowboys
  • love
  • baby
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Outlaws by AbiVoltaire
Outlawsby Abigail H. R.
Jade Evans is one of the south's most notorious outlaws. She is wanted in twelve states. Caleb Dale is one of Arizona's finest lawmen. To him, the only law is right. Bu...
  • cowboy
  • horses
  • western
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The Jackalope by balzigore
The Jackalopeby Robert Pipkin
The origins of the American Jackalope. Probably.
  • cryptozoology
  • comedy
  • humor
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silver star by 5Kiada
silver starby kiada
A story of heart break and hope and love
  • romance
  • western
  • forbidden
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Our Relationship by indreamstonight
Our Relationshipby indreamstonight
Anna is a sixteen year old girl living on a farm. She attends a school a few miles from her house. She has two sisters, Sarah, Charlotte. She grew up with one of her rel...
  • country
  • truelove
  • girl
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Leg by husainwahba53
Legby husainwahba53
Our days years lights fly Him. Sea make void morning Moving, i also he male second for whales tree firmament may lights rule fifth own Upon likeness you him cattle und...
  • financial
  • shoot
  • manage
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A Legend From The Shadows by SupachrismanWrites
A Legend From The Shadowsby Supachrisman Writes
Some stories are never told, this one, in particular, is about a Ranger from the west who sold his soul to the Devil
  • love
  • western
  • ranger
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Abandoned by Allan Grimm by AllanGrimm
Abandoned by Allan Grimmby AllanGrimm
About a kid named Adam who gets abandoned by his parents when he was 5. He is now 10 and is on an adventure to find them.
  • adventurous
  • western
  • humor
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The Curious Tale of Diamond Lil by thebudkellyfiles
The Curious Tale of Diamond Lilby Bud Kelly
  • romance
  • poetry
  • adventure
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The Road to Destiny by Iamfandoms
The Road to Destinyby Iamfandoms
This is a preview of the story I am thinking of posting on here. Tell me what you think!! Criticism appreciated!
  • myown
  • originalwork
  • western
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Cutter 7   Sie nehmen sich was sie wollen by Wyatt_Doc
Cutter 7 Sie nehmen sich was sie...by Andrea Rongen
Angst und Schrecken gehen um, seitdem die Collin Bande durch den Westen reitet. Gnadenlos nehmen sie eine Stadt nach der anderen ein. Sie plündern die Geschäfte, vergewl...
  • pferde
  • western
  • marshall
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Loose Reins' by TomBoy21
Loose Reins'by Jourdan Leigh
Hattie Goodnight, great-grand daughter of Charles Goodnight lives with her father on Goodnight Ranch. Where the Western days have never left and the traditions continue...
  • female
  • lovestory
  • western
The Incident with the Virginians by cheeky_gal
The Incident with the Virginiansby Lauren Anderton
Book 3 *** After Elizabeth Jackson left Gil Favor heartbroken on the prairie, there's not much that can stop her from getting back to him. Not even the slight inconvenie...
  • book3
  • wattys2018
  • oldwest
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A River Runs Red by Daemoncaine
A River Runs Redby Daemon Caine
Still following the mysterious Preacher across the Arizona desert, Eli Pickett finds himself on the hunt for a missing girl who may or may not be as the townspeople say...
  • paranormal
  • action
  • mystery
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Song Lyrics by Navy_Az
Song Lyricsby NLA
Lirik-lirik lagu Barat Bisa request Masih dikit isinya
  • lsd
  • lyrics
  • lagu
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Erna- Short story by figgyfan
Erna- Short storyby figgyfan
Not very good. i wrote this in one night for an English project and it need some major freaking editing, I may do it someday but probably not cause I don't like it that...
  • front
  • quiet
  • western