Baby Kisses by vernaclay
Baby Kissesby Verna Clay
Tooty Townsend bore a child at the age of sixteen. Now, four years later, she has her hands full raising Harris and trying to make a living. An unexpected job interview...
  • older-man
  • contemporary-western
  • series
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Saving Grace (#1 in the Red Valley Series) by amysturges
Saving Grace (#1 in the Red Valley...by amysturges
Cole Weston had lost everything he'd ever loved and for ten long years he's wandered. First as a tracker then as a bounty hunter until a small town calls to him and he d...
  • fiction
  • romance
  • cowboy
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THE WILD WESt by hairtielover
THE WILD WEStby Hey_ya'll
When she gambles, she always wins, no exceptions. Except for him... "I sit down at the table, coins in one hand and a revolver in the other. Just then I hear the s...
  • historical
  • hot
  • wildwest
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Verboten [H.S.] by peanutboyfriend
Verboten [H.S.]by birdie
MATURE CONTENT WARNING // Harry's words roll up his throat, "you're very beautiful." Your eyes lock with his as he continues, "any man should be lucky to...
  • hiddenromance
  • western
  • smuttyfanfic
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How We Were | ✔️ (Complete) by MegHahn
How We Were | ✔️ (Complete)by Meg Hahn
[WATTYS 2016 WINNER!] [COSMOPOLITAN Featured!] Trapped in her white trash hell, Layla Danner is failing at life. Her friend Peyton? Everybody thinks he's perfect, a sta...
  • lovetriangle
  • teen
  • wattyswinner
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A Man Who Rides (Tipped Z Ranch - Book 1) by stefaniwilder
A Man Who Rides (Tipped Z Ranch...by Stefani Wilder
Erin's life takes a turn for the western when she sees a man sitting on a horse in the middle of a quiet street one morning. Intrigued, she watches as he drives a small...
  • lovestory
  • arizona
  • dogs
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Country Girls Do It Better... Book 1 Of The Healing Through Horses Trilogy by phantomhippy03
Country Girls Do It Better... Book...by Austin McCallin
She was a 17 Year old country girl with a mind of her own. He was an 18 year old country boy who was stubborn as a mule... Let's see who wins. Kate Leeson is the kind of...
  • wattys2018
  • cowboy
  • romance
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Dream Kisses by vernaclay
Dream Kissesby Verna Clay
Mims Murphy a.k.a Sarah Carter, meets Sage Tanner at Imaginings Publishing while he's posing for the cover of her soon-to-be-released romance novel. After being bulldoze...
  • overweightwomanromance
  • western
  • overweightgirlromance
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A Man Who Starts (Tipped Z Ranch - Book 2) by stefaniwilder
A Man Who Starts (Tipped Z Ranch...by Stefani Wilder
Life on the Tipped Z ranch isn't easy. Nora knows this, having grown up starting colts and working cattle. She's struggled to gain her independence. Now in her 20s, Nora...
  • desert
  • romance
  • horseriding
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Cowboy, Stay with Me by honnaoharney
Cowboy, Stay with Meby H.R. Harney
For Lucy, Sean was the one who got away. Now US Marshal, Sean shows back up in Lucy's peaceful farm life to shake her to her core all over again. But can their love sur...
  • homesweethome
  • happilyeverafter
  • love
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BL Stories by BossyCruel
BL Storiesby Bossy Tae
I know it can be hard to find BL/yaoi stories at times so I decided to add all the ones I have read or currently reading here. The things in this book are not mine I am...
  • lbgt
  • yaoi
  • western
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The JERK Owns Her by claireffendi
The JERK Owns Herby Clairine N
(Sequel The LUCKIEST Bastard | Bisa dibaca secara terpisah) Sydney Hudson, hidupnya jungkir balik setelah kematian kedua orang tuanya. Ia harus mencari uang dengan jerih...
  • badboy
  • contract
  • komedi
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Gunfighter of Remnant by Smokin-Mask
Gunfighter of Remnantby Smokin-Mask
Wandering the Sanus continent in Remnant, is one of the last gunfighters between Vacuo and Vale in search of the last man who killed someone important to him. With no ju...
  • action
  • reader
  • gunslinger
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Cowboys & Nightmares by Stewart352
Cowboys & Nightmaresby Stewart352
Having run away from a past she'd rather forget, Rylie Klintson lands herself a job as the first female worker on the McGrange Ranch. While the foreman seems to have his...
  • horse
  • romance
  • love
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DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms: The Complete Second Book by Adrian_Birch
DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms: The C...by Adrian Birch
The highly anticipated follow-up to the ⋕1 Wattpad hit DEAD IN BED is here. Bailey's and Ashley's sagas continue in the heart-wrenching finale to Adrian Birch's totally...
  • scifi
  • western
  • newadult
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Unexpected Hope  (Book 2 in the Red Valley series) by amysturges
Unexpected Hope (Book 2 in the Re...by amysturges
This is the second book but it can be read independently. Disowned by his family and trapped into a loveless marriage Levi Matthews thought his life is over. The one bri...
  • romance
  • cowboy
  • fiction
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Breaking Boundaries (5th in Breaking Series) by conleyswifey
Breaking Boundaries (5th in Breaki...by Nicole Sturgill
**Be aware that this is a manXman story so if that bothers you then please don't read! 5th in Breaking Series. There are certain things that make a man a man in late 1...
  • historicalfiction
  • ranch
  • cowboy
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Chase the Wind (Love Travels West, Book 3) by cradle_life
Chase the Wind (Love Travels West...by Vladislava Mari
Sometimes its not about the destination, but rather the journey. Clark is searching. After years of living with no purpose, no hope, no meaning or value to his existence...
  • historicalfiction
  • history
  • discover
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The wild west of Remnant by Madzigness
The wild west of Remnantby Madzigness
The story is a Male gunslinger reader x Rwby.
  • gory
  • rubyrose
  • yangxiaolong
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𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐋𝐘. ❪ layouts ❫ by -saturntears
𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐋𝐘. ❪ layouts ❫by ❛ 𝟖 𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 ❜
LOVELY! | ❛ won't you stay alive? i'll take you on a ride i will make you believe you are lovely ❜...
  • banners
  • imagenes
  • headers
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