Jacksepticeye x Reader by GirlOnInternet
Jacksepticeye x Readerby GirlOnInternet
You're a youtuber that's making your way up to be famous. You were inspired to make gaming videos because of your all time favorite youtuber Jackseptcieye, and when you...
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Bully -Tythan by Glambert263
Bully -Tythanby Youtube Trash #1
Tyler, Mark, Bob , and Wade are the school bullies but what happens when Ethan; the new kid shows up and shakes everyone's life around?
  • highschool
  • wade
  • bob
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Bad Boys Heart (The Heart Series) by EdensWritting
Bad Boys Heart (The Heart Series)by ♕ Eden ♕
He's known as the bad boy while she's know as the good girl. Everyone had there secrets, but their secret they share. They both have pasts they wish to forget while the...
  • teen
  • boxer
  • 2017
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Stony: One Shots by haxxamaria
Stony: One Shotsby haxxamaria
One shots for my OTP: STONY Requests taken 💗 #6 in SUPER ❤️🔥
  • natasha
  • steve
  • superhusbands
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Chilling with the OCs by DeadMC55
Chilling with the OCsby Laughing Dead
The sequel book of Chilling with Wade and Dead
  • halostuff
  • random
  • dreadmare
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A Wish With Wings (Septiplier AU) by Enterthetadpole
A Wish With Wings (Septiplier AU)by Tad
Mark only went to the Halloween party that night to blow off some steam after college exams. Besides, Wade had been pestering him to finally get out and meet some people...
  • fantasy
  • wade
  • markiplier
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Too Loud ~ Jacksepticeye x Male Reader by PanDaBear12300
Too Loud ~ Jacksepticeye x Male Re...by Jake L H
title says it all, I love him so much xx
  • jack
  • wade
  • mark
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Hold on JackABoy  by Phantom_septiplier
Hold on JackABoy by Phantom_septiplier
XXXXXX Trigger Warning XXXXXX -alcohol -swearing -minor character death -PTSD -Selfharm -past abuse Jacksepticeye. A hilarious Irish Gaming youtuber; who uploads almost...
  • seanmcloughlin
  • markimoo
  • jackaboy
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ASK OR DAREEE: Ethan Tyler Mark Jack Dark Anti Bob Wade And Me by jacksepticeyeisababe
ASK OR DAREEE: Ethan Tyler Mark Ja...by jacksepticeyeisababe
~unedited~ Hey guys so this is an ask or Dare story and you can ask or Dare any of the characters or ask to add some no backing out or saying no to any asks or dares so...
  • darkiplier
  • bobert
  • markiplier
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My Love Is Your Disease by VagaryInNeverland
My Love Is Your Diseaseby VagaryInNeverland
"Wade turned his head to look over at him, then his lips curled in a smile, just like Peter was doing. Peter wasn't scared of him, he didn't make fun of him. His ba...
  • deadpool
  • wade
  • parker
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mar·vel ˈmärvəl/Submit noun a wonderful or astonishing person or thing. This will ONLY be including ↴ Tony Stark Steve Rogers Thor Odinson Loki Laufeyson Natasha Romano...
  • starloard
  • francis
  • loki
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Spideypool  by GalaxyGirlVloging
Spideypool by MarvelForLife
Wade x Peter Spider-Man x Deadpool Tony x Steve Captain America x Iron Man
  • wadewilson
  • love
  • highschool
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Avengers Boyfriend Scenarios  by cry_baby_pastry
Avengers Boyfriend Scenarios by Ⓟⓞⓟⓣⓐⓡⓣ
  • loki
  • parker
  • fanfic
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Ball // Lebron James Jr by tash_nt
Ball // Lebron James Jrby DeadRoses
When Jasmine Wade, yes Dwyane Wade's daughter finally meets Lebron Jr...the Lebron James son...will it end in a true friendship? Or a true love??
  • chips
  • dwayne
  • james
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Spideypool Oneshots by callmewadewilson
Spideypool Oneshotsby callmewadewilson
⚠️WARNING: GAY⚠️ I write Spideypool but not smut because I'm not like that I guess. I'll update when I have time and write 400-1000 word parts. It'll vary based on the s...
  • spideypool
  • deadpool
  • tomholland
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Marvel Preferences ↬ Gifs by EllaPropertyOfMalfoy
Marvel Preferences ↬ Gifsby EllaPropertyOfMalfoy
Includes~ Pietro Nat Wade Scott L. Tony Steve Wanda Bucky Sam Peter Clint Loki Thor Bruce T'Challa M'Baku (Cause I love him so much XD) If you want me to add any other t...
  • loki
  • scott
  • steve
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The Broken Date by Darkiplier-Demon-
The Broken Dateby Darkiplier-Demon-
Jack and Mark are in love. They've gone steady since junior high, and are planning to graduate from high school and attend college together. Then, of course, they'll mar...
  • wade
  • septiplier
  • tyler
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Avengers X Reader Chatroom by CindyRieveldt665
Avengers X Reader Chatroomby CindyRieveldt665
All in da title guys~ (Note:This was inspired by @writernyxx's Avengers x reader Mission:chatroom. You should read it, it was really funny! XD Characters belonged to Mar...
  • pietromaximoff
  • peterquill
  • wade
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A Love That I Could Never Replace {ᏚᏢᏆᎠᎬYᏢᎾᎾᏞ}  by Akarinzy
A Love That I Could Never Replace...by Akarina~♡
This is the first spideypool fanfiction I've ever made, so I don't really know if this will turn out great. Though I hope it intertains you all♥ (This is just for fun) ...
  • yellowbox
  • peter
  • gay
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Dem salty bois (oneshot (Nessy x dem salty bois )) by bloodynessy666
Dem salty bois (oneshot (Nessy x d...by Bloody Nessy 666
I just wanted to make this because I can. and why the dem salty bois. you may think. we'll I just wanted to do write something. and have a nice day. and have fun well re...
  • writerx
  • pat
  • bemsaltybois
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