{Chapter} 33

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{Chapter 33}

Katie felt like the entire situation was hopeless. She wasn‘t scared of dying, only about what would happen to Adam after she did. Brant obviously wasn’t going to believe that the paper was burned.

“Put down your gun, deputy,” Brant warned.

Adam threw his gun down on the ground.

“The one in the holster, too.”

Adam didn’t move, but stared directly into Brant’s eyes.

“Do what I said, Sterling!” Brant yelled.

Adam slowly shook his head, keeping an unflinching gaze on Brant.

“I’ll shoot her!” Katie saw Brant’s hand start shaking.

Adam took slow steps toward him. His hand started shaking even more. Katie braced herself, preparing to die. With his hand shaking like it was, Brant would accidentally pull the trigger. Tears began slipping from her eyes one by one as she thought of never being married to Adam, of her life ending before she had a chance to be with him.

Adam took another slow step.

“I’m warning you, deputy!” Brant shouted again.

Adam took each step until he stood toe to toe with Brant.

“Put down the gun, Brant,” he said.

Brant’s shaking hand slowly lowered.

Without warning, Adam drew back a fist and laid Brant out on the ground. Brant came back up with his gun in his hand, but Adam was quicker.

A gun fired, and Katie jerked her head away from the sound. Brant remained on the ground. Adam jerked his head toward Alex, who froze a moment before throwing Katie on the ground and taking off running. Katie looked to see Gringo light out after him. Alex didn’t stand a chance.

Adam reached down and helped Katie up to her feet. She stood on shaky feet and realized that she would have her happily-ever-after with Adam after all. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. Adam dropped his gun and crushed her to him.

“I can’t imagine ever losing you, Katie,” he murmured. “I figured he didn’t have the guts to shoot you, but I couldn’t help but worry.”

“Well, we’re okay now. That’s all that matters,” Katie said against his chest.

Adam sighed. “I’m sorely tempted to bypass asking your dad for his blessing altogether. For a nickel I’d get Erik to marry us right here. You’re my whole world, Kate. If something happened to you…”

“Nothing happened to me. I’m standing right here,” Katie pulled back and looked up at him, cupping one side of his face in her hand. “It’s all thanks to you. Thank you so much for saving me.”

“How could I not?” Adam replied.

“I got ‘im!” Gringo yelled, dragging a kicking Alex by the collar of his shirt.

“Tie him up with the other two.” Adam pointed to where he had left Joe and Marshall tied up.

“Uh, Adam? We’ve gotta get him to a doc. He ain’t doin’ good at all,” Tiny said from where he was tending to Wade.

“Gringo, when you get done with that guy I need you to ride on to Sundance and tell that doc to get out to Aubrey and Wade’s place. We can’t be more than a few hours away if we push it,” Adam said as he rushed to Wade’s side.

“Wade! What happened to him?” Toni rushed to where everyone was gathered around Wade.

Katie had never seen such terror in Toni’s eyes before. She knew that Wade was like a brother to her cousin.

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