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Lmao what if I just suddenly discontinue this whole entire goofy fic--
3rd peeovee:

Rushing back to his house, Giyuu could not wait to finally train after so long.

...train, train, train... Thats all he ever thinks of. (no, not this train🚃, T R A I N.)

That is, if he didn't suddenly get tackled by a fiery owl on the way there. Also known as Kyojuro.


"AH--! Ah... Um- Hello, Rengoku." Giyuu responded calmly, unlike Kyojuro.

"Giyuu, I told you to call me Kyojuro. Theres no need for you to call me by my last name!"

"Oh. Sorry Ren- Kyojuro..."

"Haha! It's okay my dear, everyone makes mistakes!" Kyojuro replied with a bright smile that could battle the sun.

"...Did he just called me a deer--"

"Wanna go eat with me?" Kyojuro asked out of the blue.

"I- Oh! Um, im sorry bu--"

"Really? GREAT! Lets go now!!! I know a place where they serve delicious yum yums!"

Kyojuro dragged Giyuu by his hand, clearly not listening to what Giyuu wanted to say and simply taking it as a yes.

"...*sigh*... Typical Rengoku...." Giyuu thought while sweatdropping.
At some random restaurant where they yummy yum yums idk:

Kyojuro had brought Giyuu to a crowded restaurant. There were many people in there. When Giyuu saw how many people were in the restaurant, his social anxiety skyrocketed.

Thankfully, Kyojuro had already reserved a seat for two just for the both of them. (wow, already preparing things even when before the other person accepts? Thats impressive! Get yourself someone like Kyojuro!) It didn't help Giyuus social anxiety but it sure did help save a lot of time by not waiting for tables. 😁

Kyojuro and Giyuu entered the restaurant, not forgetting to hide their katanas to not be seen as a threat.

Upon getting comfortable with their seats, a waiter came and gave them both a menu in which had a LOT of food options to choose from. Ranging from appetizers to desserts, it was heaven for those who liked consuming various sorts of foods like Kyojuro and Mitsuri.

Within under a few minutes of looking at the menu, Kyojuro had everything he wanted to order, grabbing a random (unfortunate) waiter's attention to write down all of the dishes he wanted to order.

While Kyojuro was ordering, Giyuu dosed of. His mind started thinking about the children and the Kamaboko squad. He misses them dearly and wants to know how were they right now.

"...yuu.... Iyuu... GIYUU!"

Hearing that, Giyuu snapped back to reality.

"Ah-AH! S-sorry, what?"

"What do you want to order? I've been asking you for a good minute!"

"Oh, uh sorry, uh-"

Giyuu quickly skimmed through the menu, quickly spotting something he wants to order.

"A bowl of simmered salmon daikon, please." Giyuu told the waiter.

"Mhm... Aaand is that all?" The waiter asked

"Yes... Uh yeah. Thats it."

"Very well then." The waiter nodded after being confirmed by Giyuu.

"By the way, you sir are undoubtedly handsome. Would you mind telling me your name?" The waiter spoke to Giyuu.

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