Asakusa =D

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Giyuu and the others visit Asakusa to celebrate a festival held there!
Time skip to the day of asakusa

Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

Hgh... What's time is it? Let's see... Oh! 6:05am, and what day is it? Oh yeah, that festival day... Better start preparing now...

*brushes teeth*
*gets a bag and put whatever the fuck he needs*

Okay, I will change and do my hair later cause its quite early right now. Oh yeah, I just realised that I should water my plants. The weather seems to be a bit sunny lately.

*grabs water bucket and fills it with water*
*sprinkles the water in the soil like how salt bae seasons his overrated steak*
*does it multiple times until Giyuu thinks the plants are hydrated*

Okay, now I'm done watering my plants what should I do? Oh yeah, I'll clean up my room and bathroom since the bathroom is covered in red tissues and my room looks like a wasteland. Better get cleaning.

*cleans room with whatever cleaning tools that exist in the 1920s*
*cleans bathroom with idk materials to make it clean*

Now that I'm done and have nothing to do, might as well make some breakfast for me. I will make some steamed rice with fish, tofu and some vegetables along with some fruits on the side.

*goes to the kitchen and grabs whatever he needs to make his breakfast*

You know, I think that my food supply is getting lower. Maybe I should go grocery shopping tomorrow. Yeah, I should. But for now I should prepare my food.

*cooks like a 7 star Michelin chef*

Okay, time to eat now. I should be a bit careful since the food is still hot. Especially the rice. Actually who cares if I get hurt? Might as well burn my tongue. (spoiler once he said that the food became room temperature lol)

Oh wait it cooled down already. What a bummer I wanted to taste pain. Maybe next time.

*nom, nom, nom, after he's done eating cause I'm not gonna write him eating that just sounds weird*

Done eating, I'm gonna do the dishes.


Wait what time is it? Let me check... 7.30am! Time does go fast... Oh wait I forgot when the festival starts. Stupid me, I should have asked Kochos or Kanroji about it but oh well. I guess I can ask Tanjiro or one of his friends. Maybe I should go to Rengokus estate cause its not that far away from here. Let me get my uniform even though I don't even have any missions for today.

Timeskip into arriving at energetic horny guy's house

*knock knock*

Oh! Who's there? - Senjuro

It's me, Giyuu.

Oh! Dad! Wait a minute and let me get the door for you. - Senjuro

Hello dad! What brings you here at this time? It's quite early right now and the sun is barely rising! - Senjuro

I just wanna know when the festival starts. I forgot to ask your brother about it.

Oh! Well it actually starts at about 7.00pm to 11.00pm so you don't need to prepare yourself that early right now. Is there anything else I can help? - Senjuro

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