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Basically the hashiras trying to rizz Giyuu up, this chapter has shinogiyuu at the end
Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

Staying at the butterfly estate all day in a bed isn't that good for me. I mean, yeah, I do like Tanjiro and his friends would visit me daily along with the hashiras but I just can't get used to this. I'm more used to doing my missions rather than sleeping or daydreaming all day. Kocho does talk to me whenever she has the time though. But I don't really get some of the stuff she says to me, what are pick up lines? I think the other hashiras also say that to me cause I don't understand them well either.


Tomioka-San, are you a painting? Cause I wanna look at you all day. >< - Shinobu

... What?

Uhm... Are my pick up lines too corny? I should read some more dating advice books... - Shinobu

... What even are pick up lines???

Another flashback

Tomioka! Can you be my dinner? Cause I wanna eat you tonight~ - Kyojuro

... Uhm, Rengoku, are you becoming a cannibal?

W-what no? I mean when you get out of the butterfly estate can we go out and eat dinner together? (changing the subject cause he's sad that the pick up line didn't work) - Kyojuro

Oh, maybe. Sure.

Another Flashback again

Tomioka-San! Are you sakura mochi? Cause you sure are sweet and cute! >////< - Mitsuri

Oh uh... Ok.

Eh!?? (a bit disappointed cause she did not expect that response) - Mitsuri

Kanroji, are you okay?

Mhmm yeah... =( - Mitsuri

Another flashback, how many flashbacks will there be?

Tomioka! You know, your insides are a bit unarranged, do you want me and my wives rearrange it for you?~ - Tengen

My.... Insides???

Do... You not get it? - Tengen


Don't worry, you'll get it once you are one of us. (the Uzuis) - Tengen

... Uh, okay.

Flashback again

Tomioka, you look rather charming today. - Gyomei

Himejima, not trying to sound rude but I thought you can't see?

... Oh yeah, right. - Himejima

Flashback #6

... Dango, for you.... - Sanemi

Oh, thanks.

As I ate the dango I heard Shinazugawa mumble something.

I wish I was that dango right now... - Sanemi

... Huh?

Flashback 7

Do you... Wanna touch Kaburamaru? - Obanai

... R-really? (tiny sparkles in his eyes)

Mhm, yeah. - Obanai


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