Hospital, Again

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Short insect woman (shinobu) pov:

I just finished cleaning the windows when suddenly I heard a loud noise near the entrance of this building. Eh? What happened? Gotta go check it out.

Shinobu-sama! Help! This is urgent! - Aoi

Aoi? What's making her sound this worried? It seems serious...

Wait! I'm coming! What happened?

Da- I mean Tomioka-San passed out when we went to visit him! - Aoi

Tomioka-San!? Again? Geez, he should avoid getting hurt all the time. But I do appreciate him coming to my estate so that I can see his beautiful face.

Okay coming!


As I got to the entrance I saw many of Kanao and Aoi's friends surrounding Tomioka-sans unconscious body. He seems to be wearing plain shirt and shorts with alot of fresh looking wounds on his legs and arms but I noticed that there seems to old wounds on his arms too. I quickly went to go carry Tomioka-sans body but then I realised that I'm too weak to do that.

Um.. Can any one of you kids help me get Tomioka-San onto a bed please?

Uh, I could. - Genya

Awesome! Now please carry Tomioka-San in this room please!

Thank you Shinazugawa-san! You can stay here with your friends if you like.

I checked Tomioka-sans body to see if there's any more wounds I could patch up. So far theres many deep cuts on his arms and legs so I took off his shirt and Goddamn his bodys hot. But besides that I noticed a huge wound on his chest that looked fresh too. I wonder what happened on his mission for him to get injured that bad...

Eh Kanao, can you get me some bandages and some cotton pads for me? Also, Aoi, please get me some medicine that could prevent the wounds from being infected. Thanks!

On my way, Shinobu-sama. - Aoi

... 🙂👍 - Kanao

So, does anyone know what happened To Tomioka-San for him to get these ugly scars?

No I'm sorry Shinobu-San but I don't think anyone knows what happened to him. We just went to his house to visit him and we saw him laying on the ground unconscious just like that. - Tanjiro

Oh, alright. But why didn't he go to the butterfly mansion at the first place?

We all don't know why, all I know is that d- Tomioka-San was in a bad shape when we visited him... - Senjuro

Stubborn Tomioka-San, as always... But he should really take care of his body and health more... It hurts to see him all bloody or on the verge of death.... Maybe when the war is over I can offer him to stay at the butterfly mansion for as long as he wants so that I can check up on him every day.


Shinobu-sama, heres the stuff you asked for. - Aoi

🙂 - Kanao

Thank you girls, ill get to working now.

I finished patching up Tomioka-San and to be honest, he looks kind of like a mummy but even if he looks like one I'd still let him smash me though. (what)

Butterfly lady, is he gonna okay? - Muichiro

My names Kocho Shinobu, and yes there is a good chance Tomioka-San is gonna be okay since I already patched him up. Don't worry.

If you say so... - Muichiro
Timeskip to 2 days later

Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

... Ngh... What.. Happened? I take a look to my surroundings to see where am I.... Eh!? This place looks familiar... Is this Kochos Estate?! Why am I here? Last time I remembered that I was at my house showering then I wanted to get some water and now I'm here. Why am I here though? Agh.... Why does my chest hurt?.... Why do I have so many bandages on me? I have so many questions....

Tomioka-San! Your awake! - Shinobu

Huh? Yeah...

Da- I mean Giyuu-San! I'm so glad that you are awake! We went to visit you and saw that you were laying on the ground unconscious! We were worried sick! - Tanjiro

Oh... Sorry Tanjiro, for making you worried....

It's okay! But I just want to ask, what happened? - Tanjiro

Huh? What do you mean what happened?

I mean that what happened during your mission for you to get this much bruises around your body? - Tanjiro

Oh, uhh, I battled 2 demons. One of them was overpowered but I managed to fight it until sunrise...

Oh my! Tomioka-San, was the overpowered demon by any chance was a 12 kizuki? I'm pretty sure that you could take down the lowermoons so is it an uppermoon? - Shinobu

Uh... Oh yeah. I think it was.... Uppermoon 2...yeah.

.... WHAT. - Short insect woman and the rest of the kids


Yeah I'm fine.

Are you sure?... But If you say so... - Zenitsu

Yeah I'm good Zenitsu don't worry.

Tomioka-San, do you remember how does uppermoon 2 looks like? I will report it to master later. - Shinobu

Oh ermm... He has like rainbow eyes and in the middle has a kanji in it and he wears this blood-red clothing with weird black designs and these yellow-ish colored pants. His hair is kinda like oak or beige or silvered coloured I think... Oh yeah he also has fans as his supposed weapon and his blood demon art is ice related.

Thank you for the information Tomioka-San! Master will be glad to hear this. - Shinobu

Ok, oh wait, Kocho, when can I leave the estate?

Oh right! Well I guess it's a whole week cause that wound on your chest is really something. - Shinobu

... Motherfu-
Taisho secrets

No, the kids did not stay at the butterfly mansion for 2 days. Sanemi and Kyojuro would not allow their brothers to do that and for the others? (- Kanao and Aoi) Shinobu will tell them to leave when it's time.

Giyuu is mentally crying rn cause now he can't go on his missions thus making his comrades do it for him and now he feels guilty =(

The author is still in Thailand and they brought a nice bracelet for them and their friend. Being at the airport for so long is not that pleasant for the author.
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