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Behold, I have ascended from the grave.
Therd pee-yo-vee:

The sound of heavy footsteps and huffing can be heard from Giyuu, who is currently rushing his way of where Murata is.

Kanzaburo had announced that Murata was near a cult, which apparently was operated by the said uppermoon. (did I give you a hint of which uppermoon is it?) and its REALLY far away. Oh Giyuu wished that he could teleport right now...

After arriving to the destination, which is like, forever. He took a deep breath, regaining his energy.

In front of him stood a very luxurious looking building. With a giant Buddha statue in the middle surrounded by a small pond with Koi fish in it.(this is just how I imagined that the cult would look like) Gah Dayum that uppermoon is rich asf.

Holy.... - Giyuu

Giyuu was amazed by the building, but he quickly snapped out of it. He is here to help Murata defeat an uppermoon, not to watch a building.

Giyuu went into the building, seeing if there's anyone inside. Since it was kind of quiet.

Inside, there are many rooms, Giyuu could sense that there were people in there sleeping.

But there was one room that caught his attention the most. There was a giant room in the middle, there were decorations, including flowers, a bit of jewellery, some silky looking curtains and a ton of praise letters everywhere. Almost every one of them seemed to say something about worshipping god. However, why were there details on how the 'god' looked like? Rainbow eyes, oak or blonde or gray or whatever the 'gods' hair colour is idk.

Hm... The aspects of the 'god' sounds very familiar...  I wonder if Giyuu had ever met this demon before...

Giyuu opened the door of the room, and immediately he sensed that there must have been traces of one or more demons being here before as the smell of dried blood is inevitable. And it seems like the demon(s) come here often.

This room must be the uppermoons chamber... - Giyuu

Giyuu explored the room a bit more. There was a bathroom with a strong smell of sake in there, uhgh, just a sniff of it might just make Giyuu drunk.

Stepping aside the sake-scented bathroom, next to it is a big closet.

Out of curiosity, Giyuu opened it. Thinking it will just be some really fancy clothes but NOPE! Instead it was a bunch of skulls lined up together, some of them still had hair attached to them. It a little unsettling if you think about it but hey, it's an Uppermoons room. You can find a bunch of weird shit in there.

Other than the two questionable rooms Giyuu found, he found nothing really special in the uppermoons chamber. He also did not find the uppermoon anywhere so he thinks that the uppermoon could be outside.

And he was right.

A ice shard went through the walls of the chamber, there was no way that this would happen so it must have been a demons doing. And Giyuus guessing that it's the uppermoon.

Since the ice shard came outside, Giyuu went there to find the uppermoon and help Murata. Turns out they were just behind the building of the cult fighting.

Oddly enough, Murata seemed fine. Okay, maybe not too fine cause he looks extremely tired but he doesn't seem to have any severe injuries, just a few scratches and bruises here and there. That's all. Maybe they just started fighting? No way, if they did, Giyuu would have come more later. Maybe Murata isn't that weak after all. (I mean duh, how would he survive through every arc of the episode?)

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