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Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

The interaction with Shinazugawa isn't as bad as I thought. Now, 6 more people to go. I wonder who's the nearest to the wind pillar estate other that Uzuis? I will go check for a second.

Tanjiro, I am going to check which hashira estate is the nearest to here other than Uzuis. Make sure to stay where you are right now and tell the others what I just said. Got it?

Of course dad! - Tanjiro

Such a sweet child, well then, let's get going.

Like atleast 65 seconds later

I'm back, I found out that the nearest hashira estate from here other than Uzui was the stone pillar, Himejima. Even though he is blind he is very strong. Infact, he is the strongest hashira out of all of them. Quite impressive to say for most people.

Tanjiro, I am back.

Oh dad! Your here! Now that your back can you tell us where we should be going right now? - Tanjiro

We should be going to the stone estate right now. I will lead you there if you want.

That's great dad! And yes I do want to know where Himejima-san is. I have personally never saw his estate before. - Tanjiro

Alright then, tell the others that we are going now.

Ok dad! Guys! Let's go! We are gonna go to Himejima-sans place now! - Tanjiro

Idk like 2 minutes later

Ok, now that we are here why not make Inosuke and dad knock on the door? I mean, Inosuke did make the food. - Tanjiro

Hmmhm! Mmh! (yes! I agree!) - Nezuko

Glad you agree Nezuko. We should definitely make dad hand the food for Himejima-sama. I'm afraid that Inosuke would make a bad impression for giving gifts to other people. - Aoi

Ok then, I'll go knock on the door. Inosuke you can stay right beside me.

Knock knock

Hello? Who's there? - Gyomei

Tomioka Giyuu, water pillar.

Ah,thank you. Please wait for me to open the door. - Gyomei
Big crybaby (Gyomei) pov:

I was praying and meditating when I suddenly heard a knock from the door. Even though I am blind I can still see the see through world and I got used to my house so I know where the door is. I got up, and asked ' Hello? Who's there? '. I waited for a response and then I heard:

Tomioka Giyuu, water pillar. - Giyuu

Ah, thank you. Please wait for me to open the door.

Oh, so it's Tomioka. I never expected him to come to my estate ever. I wonder what he wants. Perhaps he found a child from his mission and is asking me for advice? No, that would be impossible. I don't think that he got any missions since he just got recovered and also the upcoming festival is making all the hashiras to temporarily not have any missions. But I did heard that Tokito got his mission last minute. I'm sure he's on his way back home now. The mission should be easy to him.

I opened the door and saw (you sure 🤨) Inosuke and Tomioka. I wonder why Inosuke is here. Does Tomioka perhaps want me to babysit him for today? I know that Inosuke is feral and it would be hell for me to babysit him. Yes I know i have experience to kids alot but I'm sure that Inosuke is a whole different breed. But I will accept it if it was One of my comrades request.

Hello Himejima, sorry to inturupt your time but me and Inosuke decided to make some food to you and the other hashiras with the help of inosuke's friends. Inosuke made you some sushi that he hope you would like. He really admires your strength and decided to make food for you. He doesn't know what is your favourite food so he took a random guess and thought it was sushi. If he was wrong you could tell me what is your favourite food so next time when we do this again we would know exactly what you would want. - Giyuu

Thank you Tomioka and Inosuke for the food. Personally I like Takikomi-gohan but since I'm a monk I prefer to not add meat in it. But if you can't or don't know how to cook it, it's okay. I don't consider myself to be a picky eater. So any food you give me is fine as long as there is no meat in it.

Thank you for the information Himejima. Next time if we do this again we will cook your favourite food. - Giyuu

Thank you, is that all?

Yes, me and inosuke are going to be leaving right now. Once again, we do hope that you enjoy the food we gave to you if you ever try it. - Giyuu

And then just like that I can no longer feel any presence in front of me. It was nice interacting with Tomioka, you don't usually see him visiting anyone except for Genya and his friends. I know this cause Genya sometimes tells little stories about him and his friends along with Tomioka hanging out together. The stories were nice and I would love to listen to it again whenever Genya could come and tell me. Speaking about Tomioka, whenever I have the chance to talk to him or hang out with him, I would somtimes get butterflies in my stomach. And somehow it's only him who can make me feel like this. I don't know what feeling is that but I'm not complaining about it. It does feel nice I will not lie. It also makes me feel like wanting to spend time with Tomioka even more. I wish that if he has nothing to do then he could always come to my estate and we could meditate together.
Taisho secrets

Gyomei is the only hashira - muichiro that is in love but is not overly obsessed with Giyuu, he just wants to be with him together.

One time Giyuu taught inosuke how to make Japanese food. Right now Inosuke knows how to make sushi, steamed rice, onigiri (taught by zenitsu cause he was watching him making it) and an omelette =)

Giyuu is a really good cook, he was taught by his sister and urokodaki how to cook and learned more about cooking by books.

Genya would sometimes visit Gyomei to train or to visit some kids that were in the estate.

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