Asakusa Part 4

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Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

You know, we should go and watch the fireworks in the middle of Asakusa. I heard that it's one of the largest and could last longer than any other fireworks! - Mitsuri

Wow! Let's go there now so that we don't have to worry about getting there late. The festival starts at 9.30pm right? - Kyojuro

Actually, it's 9.00pm. - Obanai

Oh, but I'm sure it's still enough time for us to get there. Right now it's 8.27pm so we could look at the other shops while getting there. - Kyojuro


Well then come on let's go now and stop chit-chating! I want to watch the all flashy fireworks in the sky! - Tengen
While walking through the streets where there were filled with people and small shops I accidentally bumped into someone.

I am sorry sir, I did not watch where I was going.

... Its okay, not that you did it on purpose anyways. -???

I look up to see who I bumped into and saw that his appearance had black curly hair and glowing red eyes. It's a bit unusual, but I know that there are some people who have conditions that make their eye color unique like Iguro but I have never seen this kind of red in anyones eyes. Maybe it's a new kind of condition that makes your eyes glow? I don't know...
Michael Jackson (muzan) pov:

I came to Asakusa to go eat some people since there will be festival held there meaning that Asakusa would be more crowded than before. Asakusa also has alot of dark alleyways that sometimes people would get pushed to there cause its just so crowded. So it would be a good trap for me to stay there waiting for someone to come. I will still watch the fireworks though, not that it's gonna effect my dinner anyways.

While I was walking through the streets that were filled with shops and people, someone accidentally bumped into me. Ugh, is it some kid again? I swear if any child bumps into me I will kill it and its whole generation.

I am sorry sir, I did not watch where I was going. - Giyuu

Oh, So it's not a child. The voice of the human sounds more like an adult male. Is he in a rush? Probably, but he's still gonna be late considering how many people are in this one street.

... Its okay, not that you did it on purpose anyways.

I look to see the appearance of the man and saw that he has blue eyes and black hair. Wearing a dark blue kimono with strange line designs and holding a bouquet of vibrant blue flowers. But what caught my eye the most was the flower that was on the males hair. That flower... Was the flower I've been looking for thousands of years. And this mortal has it in his head as a decoration?! I must convince him to give it to me. NOW.

Excuse me, I like the flower that you have on your head right now. May I have it? I have other flowers in my garden that I could give it to you in exchange.

Oh, thank you for the compliment but no. I'm sorry but you can't have it. This was a give for me from my friends that brought it to me just now so it would be rude for me to just simply give it to you cause it would make my friends think that they just wasted their time and money on me for no reason. So I decline your offer. - Giyuu

..... Ah, that's ok. But if you ever find that flower again please let me know so that I could take it back home and do some research on it. I am a scientist that has been studying about nature for the past few years and I have never seen this kind of flower and I am interested in studying it. So if you know where I could get this flower from easily then I would appreciate it.

Oh, well my friends gave me this flower not too long ago from a flower shop near here. It also sells herbs that could be used in medicines if your interested. - Giyuu

I have been searching for the blue spider lily for my whole life and some mortals simply brought it at a fucking flower shop!? Ridiculous! I could of just killed this person right here and now but it would make a mess that would take ages for it to clean and plus its crowded so everyone can see it. I don't want to make a scene right now, I just want to feast some humans. I should go to the flower shop later and buy the flower. I still can't believe I wasted my time for me to simply get a flower that could be just brought by a fucking shop.

Thank you, sir. I'll go to that shop later.

... Your welcome. - Giyuu
Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

After apologising for the man, we quickly continued what we where suppose to do and that was watch the fireworks. We were just on time for it and the fireworks were amazing. To be honest, I have never actually seen a firework before. I just heard what people discribed it and believed it. I also came from a village where it was all snowy and in the night, it becomes even more chilly to the point that if you come outside for atleast 2 hours even with layers of clothing, you would instantly freeze to death. So no one would come outside at night, let alone a small ceremony with fireworks. I don't even know I had survived in the wild unconscious back then but I am grateful for Urokodaki for saving me.

Oh my, these fireworks sure do look better at night do they? - Shinobu

I mean, duh. Who would release fireworks during the day? Wouldn't it be weird? - Muichiro

It would but I'm just saying that these kinds of fireworks look better than others. That's all. - Shinobu

Oh, well be more specific next time. - Muichiro

Wow! Muichiro, I'm surprised that you could remember the word specific! Your memory sure is getting better. - Tengen

Huh? Who are you again? And why do you look so weird? - Muichiro

..... - Tengen

Let's change the topic, I agree with Shinobu-san. I haven't seen fireworks for quite a while so it's quite mesmerising for me too! - Tanjiro

Yup! Don't you think so too Tomioka-San? - Mitsuri

... Yeah.
Sakura mochi girl (mitsuri) pov:

Kyaaaaa!!! Tomioka-San looks so cute! I could see his sparkles in his eyes just be looking at those fireworks! Maybe if I could, then I will bring him to more festivals that include fireworks so that I can see his cute face again! Eeeeeeek!
Taisho secrets

Muzan went to the shop shortly after feasting his dinner and found out that the flowers were all sold out. A girl (mitsuri) and a boy (Obanai) brought the last one. So out of rage, Muzan choked the cashier and put her body in the 'staff only' room.

The hashiras (- muichiro, Obanai and gyomei) were a bit jealous when mitsuri blushed after Giyuu responded to her. (why can't it be them too?)

The author is sorry that they posted this chapter late. Their teacher gave them a ton of complicated homework and absolutely none of their other classmates knew how to do it either. Also they found out that they should be getting more sleep.
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