It's About Drive-

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Training cause Giyuu thinks he's weak
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

It's been a while since I trained by myself. I have been sleeping and hanging out with Tanjiro and his friends... That's all I've been doing these past few days. I'm afraid that I might become weaker, I don't want to disappoint my sister and Sabito...might as well get started.

I am gonna take off my shirt. I don't want them to get drenched with my filthy sweat. It also means that I don't need to wash it. I'm gonna put my haori inside my house. I don't want it to be dirty by the dust on the ground.

After doing that, I am gonna take some bamboo swords and some other stuff to help me with my training. I'll tie my hair a bit more tight so that it does not distract me while training. I don't want to cut it cause it reminds me of Tsutako... I miss her.

After doing all that idk

Let's waste no time and start training, might as well warm up first.

After running around his back yard for 240 rounds (my fatass would never)

Huff, huff, I think that's enough... Yeah... I'm gonna go get some water.

*gulp gulp 😀 drinking noises* K let's start the actual training. I'm gonna go get a towel to wipe off all my sweat. I'll also bring a mannequin one of the swordssmith gave me. He said that this is basically a powerful robot that could even defeat a Kinoe. He does not know that whether it could defeat a hashira so he gave it to me and would want me to tell him what would happen in the aftermath.

Ah, this is a bit heavier compared to the other mannequins I trained with in the past. I'll give him a wooden sword so that it would be fair.

Combat time! (I'm bad a writing battles)

Oh, after I turned on the robot and told him to battle me it immediately took on a fighting stance. Impressive, let me put on to the test. I'm sure that it would win considering how weak I am but we will never know until we try. Should I try my breathing styles on it? Yeah sure why not? Maybe I'll even make a new form out of it.

Water breathing, first form:water surface slash.

I charged right at the mannequin and it seemed to have dodged it. I wonder who made this robot to be so highly intelligent. I keep slashing at the mannequin, it did take some hits but it at least dodged a quarter of my attacks. I wonder when will it attack me bac-

Water breathing, first form: water surface slash - robot

It charged right at me just like how I did to it. I spoke too soon, can it mimic breathing styles? Or does it just know how to do water breathing? It can't be a coincidence, this thing probably learns the breathing styles during combat and would eventually forget it over a short period. Either way I dodged all of the attacks it did.

Water breathing, forth form: striking tide

I attacked the mannequins legs in order for me to have an upper hand and have enough time to do another attack. It seems that it can't really do anything right now. Then we will waste no time launching the next attack.

Water breathing, third form: flowing dance

I sliced mostly at the arms and thighs to have an upper hand again but it looks like it has dodged some of my attack and managed to escape my trap. Sure it did take most of the attacks but I'm surprised that its a really good robot for me to train. I should ask the swordssmith if I could use this mannequin in my future training.

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