sometimes i wish that the title could just name them themselves

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Bro wtf is the fandom doing-


3rd person pov:

Days passed. Giyuu is still in the butterfly estate. Hes already done with his rehabilitation training. So why cant he go back home now?

Hm, im not sure. But its probably cause he cant walk properly.

You see, everytime when Giyuu wakes up the next day, he seems to get new bite marks and mosquito bites. Hes recently been getting some new bruises too. Mostly on his legs.

He asked Shinobu what was happening to him, but Shinobu also does not know whats happening to him (thats cap) either so she just said that it was a side effect of the medicines she gave him.

His lower body still hurts like hell, its like the pain will never stop.

Eventually, he became tired of this and decided to escape out of his room and ask for someone who knows whats happening to him.

The door isnt usually locked at day but it is at night. Giyuu knows that cause hes heard the door lock many times when going to bed. A bit odd, but maybe its cause to prevent any intruders into coming in.

Right now its almost night, Giyuu is planing to escape today. Shinobu said that she was going to a quick mission 30 minutes ago so she wont be coming back soon.

Giyuu got out of the bed, but almost immediately fell down. Yes, he still has trouble walking properly. Its frustrating for him.

Nonetheless, he got up and tried to ignore the pain and walked through the door.

The door wasnt that far away from him, but Giyuu wished that it was closer. He closed the door, grabbed his clothes and belongings and went straight to the exit door.

On the way there, he met Chiko who was uh, snacking something in the kitchen. Giyuu and Chiko stared at eachother for a few seconds.
Sisterless (giyuu) pov:

...👁👄👁... - Chiko


...! O-oh! Hello Tomioka! S-sorry, i just thought you were Minori...hehe... - Chiko


Why are you here? - Chiko

I could ask you the same.

I was just hungry, so I ate some food. Please dont tell Aoi-san this! - Chiko

...erm, ok. Well uh, bye.

U-uh bye! :D - Chiko


*opens dorr and leaves*


Geez that was awkward...

I slowly walked my way to my estate. I was careful to not hurt my legs, it hurts like hell. I used my sword as a crane to support me while I walk. By the time I got back to my house, I collapsed to the ground and crawled my way to my bedroom.

I changed my clothes into something casual. But I noticed something wrong with my closet... Some of my clothes seem to be missing.... And did I always have this yukata? It dosent seem to be my style, its really bright in color too...

I checked the clothes from the inside and the outside, and the most obvious thing I saw was a sentence saying... "Kyojuros property". How did Rengo- Kyojuros clothes get into my closet? Did he forget to bring back his clothes at my house? If so, when was that?

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