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Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

I head to the North for my mission. The supposed demon is at a village destroying crops and killing humans while it's at there. Maybe when I get there before the sun sets I can take a look at the village and see what exactly is happening there.

I got to the village before it was evening and noticed that most of their land was covered in crops and they have a lot of farms around here too. Wow, the people here are probably vegetarian. I see fruits, vegetables and even some rivers where you can catch some fish. But the village does have quite a few places that are dark, maybe that's where the demons are hiding. But they could also be hiding near the farms too thus making the farmers wives get eaten. Either way its most likely gonna come out at night then I'll just slash its head and my job will be done.

Okay so I think I'm Done checking the village and damn there's alot of markets that sell tons of goods. I also interacted with some farmers and got to know that the monster that has been destroying the crops have a black hakama with a white yukata as its outfit with brunette hair. There is also another demon that has been killing most of the farmers wives has two fans as a weapon with a strange hat on its head. The farmers also are not sure weather the demons hair is silver, blonde or oak coloured but either way its a good enough prescription of the demons for me.

It's night now and most of the people are in their house sleeping or doing their thing. The demons should be out of their hiding spot right now looking for food. All I have to do is just find them, slay them and I'm alright. Let's first find that demon who mostly destroys the crops first since I think it's easier to find it.

After a few minutes of searching, I saw a figure at a farm so I thought it was most likely the brunette demon that keeps destroying those plants so I quickly rushed to it's direction. It took a while for the demon to notice me but eventually it dodged my attack and took on a fighting stance as soon as possible. The demon probably uses combat the most since I see no weapon on it.

Water breathing, first from: water surface slash

I charged straight at the demons head but missed it by the chin. It regenerated not so fast so I had time to make my next move.

Water breathing, forth form: striking tide

Just as the demon was done regenerating, I slashed its neck once again. Not missing it like the last time and eventually defeated the demon. I don't understand, the demon seems really weak so why did they send a hashira to handle it? Oh well, might as well get the job done.

I have been searching for the other demon that has a hat and some fans but I can't seem to find it. That demon sure is good at hiding....


It's been at least an hour searching for that damn demon, where is it? I've looked through the dark places of the village, yet I see no signs of a demon around. Did the demon leave? I'm sure not, right? Just as I thought about that I felt a presence somewhere near me...

Oh ho! It didn't take that long for me to find you at all! Are you the guy master wants? You do look quite charming but not as charming as me. Anyways, enough talking. Prepare to meet your fate... -???

I turned to see who was talking to me and saw the demon that the villagers described to me. It's hat was big and it had two golden fans that are the supposed weapons of the demon. It also he'd rainbow eyes with a kanji written on it... Shit, its a 12 kizuki. As I examined the the demon again I noticed that not only its a 12 kizuki but also uppermoon 2... Well I'm fucked. (not yet but its not gonna be uppermoon 2 tho)

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