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these rarepairs be getting too outta hand cause WHAT THE FUCK IS RUI X KYOJURO??? 😨😭💀

Hey guys so I decided to change my writing style a bit but if you think the old one looks better, then I can change it back if yall want. But here are some things you need to need know 👇

"H-h-h-h-h-h-h-ey g-g-g-g-g-g-gwais my-m-m-m-my nwaime iws Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-/n 😖 *insert puppy face emoji* U-UwU 👉👈 "= Thinking

"You.... YOU HURT MY BABAGRILL!?!?11!???! 😡😠😠👿😈👹👹" = Talking

Hey Guys (with rizz) - The weird narrator (you dont need to know about this)

(Crazy? I Was Crazy Once. They Locked Me In A Room. A Rubber Room. A Rubber Room With Rats. And Rats Make Me Crazy. Crazy? I Was Crazy Once, They--) = The mentally stable author, definitely

Nothings wrong, i promise.
Your 3rd beloved pov that definitely has more rizz than Mid-yuu:

Weeks has passed, or probably even a few months now, but despite being perfectly fine and fully healed, Giyuu is still in the butterfly mansion.

No, he doesnt know why, hes asked about this to Shinobu multiple times but all she said was something like "You aren't fully recovered yet." or make some random excuse like "But I need to check your lungs, Im afraid you can't go back y̶e̶t̶." or smt.

And because of this, Giyuu is starting to believe that Shinobu is lying, and wants him to stay for as long as he can for and unknown reason. Thus making him want to escape from this mansion just like last time. Sure, he has the 3 little helpers with Aoi and Kanao to be occupied with but he can always just visit them and vice-versa, so theres no need to be stuck in this mansion with a fake-ass 4'11 bitch who stole her sisters haori and drinks wisteria poison every fucking day all for the purpose of wanting to be eaten by a fruity eyed demon.

In Giyuus defense on why he wants to get out, he thinks that he, a demon slayer, has duties to do. And roaming around a huge mansion and basically doing nothing isnt one of them.

But, he dosent see himself as a true demon slayer either. Sabito would have been in his position if it weren't for him saving his useless ass during the final selection. He should be here, not him. So is that point even valid?

....Ehhhh probably not, but that means he has no reason to escape, he should just listen to Shinobu and stay here.

But no,

He just has to escape, hes so childish, so immature. He cant even follow simple rules and wants to make this harder than intended. He just likes people dealing with him while he causes trouble. Just like a little child. Isn't that right?

Oh Giyuu....

But anyways, lets skip this to the current time. This was just some explanation of why Gee-You wants to escape this mansion.
Current time

Today was the day where Giyuu would be planning to escape. Shinobu is out on a mission and would most probably not come back soon. So this was the perfect opportunity.

He went around to find and collect his stuff like his clothes and haori (cause apparently Shinobu hid them for some reason) along with some antidepressants for him to not be a despresso.

After changing into his demon slayer uniform and haori, he was ready to go! The 3 helpers along with Aoi and Kanao are currently sleeping since it was night. (did I forget to mention that? Whoops, sorry.)

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