I Have No Motivation

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Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

Mhgh... Where... Am I? Wait.... Don't tell me Im in the butterfly mansion, I don't remember getting hurt or anything. As I slowly open my eyes I see... White hair? Am I in someone else's bed!? I turn to my other side and see black hair? Weird.... I try to get out of the bed but realise that I can't move.

Hgh... Don't... Go... - Tengen

Huh? Wait... Am I in Tengens bed? That explains the white hair. And... Is he cuddling with me? How do I get out? Help.

H.. Huh? Lord Tengen? Tomioka-San? - Hinatsuru

Um... Yeah?

Is that Hinatsuru? Wait, if Tengen and Hinatsuru are in the same bed as me, then is Makio and Suma here too? Am I in their house!? I don't remember going in here...

Oh Tomioka-San! Your awake. Do you wanna have breakfast? - Hinatsuru

Mhm, yeah but I can't move...

Huh? Why? - Hinatsuru

Tengen... I think he's cuddling with me...

Oh, don't mind that. He's just like this. But I'm afraid you would have to wait for him to wake up cause his grip is quite strong... - Hinatsuru

.... Oh. Then I'll just go back to sleep.

Oh! Before that, can I cuddle you too? - Hinatsuru

... Sure.
Fifth person pov:

So rn Giyuu is being squashed like a sandwich by Tengen and his wives. He's already woken up the second time and is waiting for the others to wake up.

... - Giyuu

Mgh... - Tengen

! - Giyuu

Hmg... Giyuu? - Tengen

Yeah? - Giyuu

Oh wait your awake, good morning! - Tengen

Good morning... - Giyuu

Hm.. *yawns* huh? Oh good morning Tomioka-San! - Suma

Morning. - Giyuu

Do you want breakfast? I can cook it for you! - Suma

Okay... - Giyuu

I'll come too! - Tengen

In the kitchen, Suma is cooking some breakfast and Tengen is helping her. In the mean time, Hinatsuru and Makio has woken up due to the smell and wanted to check out what was it.

Huh? What's that smell? - Makio

I don't know, maybe it's coming from the kitchen. - Hinatsuru

Is someone cooking there? I'm gonna go check. - Makio


Tomioka-San? - Makio

Hi. - Giyuu

Oh hey Makio! Me and Suma were cooking some breakfast. - Tengen

Oh, so that's where the smell came from. - Hinatsuru

It's almost ready, you can go wait with Tomioka-San at the table. - Suma

Breakfast is ready! - Suma

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