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Not part of the story, just some random facts about my Giyuu harem au.

Giyuu knows how to do makeup, he did Tsutakos makeup before her wedding

Giyuu got his cooking skills from Urokodaki and Tsutako

Giyuu barely knows anything about sex, all he knows is

Whenever the kids accomplished something, Giyuu would give them gifts or food.

Giyuu does hang out with the 3 butterfly girls. Except its in the backyard where they usually hang out

On valentines day or a certain event related to couples, the hashiras would somtimes sneak some clothes and gifts inside Giyuus house

One time, Kyojuro snuck a yukata in Giyuus closet. Underneath the yukata, there were words that said: Kyojuros property

All of the hashiras (- Gyomei and Muichiro) took some of Giyuus undergarments when they would sneak in his estate. I mean come on is that even surprising?

Suma, Hinatsuru and Makio gave a kimono similar to theirs for Giyuu that time when he passed out. Now Giyuu doesn't know what to do with it. Maybe use it for pajamas but knowing his sleep deprived ass he ain't gonna use it so soon.

Remember that one Taisho secret where I mentioned Senjuro having a metal broom? Well, when the swordsmith that made Kyojuros sword found out what was happening to his family, he made Senjuro a ✨nichirin✨ broom so that he has a weapon to defend himsleft against his drunk father.

I don't know anything about plants but the spider lilies Giyuu tried to grow were successful, now he just was to wait until it blooms

There are atleast 5 cameras in Giyuus bathroom disguised as small decorations. Also, this is only Giyuus room. There are more places with hidden cameras in his house. Without him noticing.

Aoi saw Shinobu making the little tracking device she gave to Giyuu but thought that she was just making some poison or something idk

Obanai has a praise kink.

A few demons once flirted with Giyuu. Sanemi tortured and eventually killed them.

Gyomei gave Giyuu some luck beads

Other than Giyuu, Genya admires Muichiro alot. (aye my Genmui shippers out there)

Giyuu has low tolerance to alcohol

Giyuu knows how to wear high heels. Urokodaki thought that it would be a funny punishment for him whenever he did something wrong

Zenitsu hates avocados. That shit tastes like grass

Giyuu almost puked due to how much food the hashiras fed to him last chapter

Giyuu once taught Inosuke how to spell, and the only word Inosuke managed to spell was acorns.

Up in heaven, Sabito, Tsutako and Makomo are praying for Giyuu to be okay for as long as possible.

Urokodaki knows what is happening to Giyuu from Tanjiro cause he often write letters to him whenever he has the time to.

The kids did meet Urokodaki once, they were curious to know where Tanjiro was going when they were supposed to hang out.

The author would go through people's playlist to see if there's any good books to read. So far theres soysauce x reader.

Sanemis wishes he could train with Giyuu like how Kyojuro, Obanai and Mitsuri trained with him from the earlier chapters.

The author (might) make some of the Uppermoons inlove with Giyuu as well. (- Muzan cause he already got like 9 wives or sum idk)

Douma does have emotions, he just doesn't know how to express them. (poor douma, or not lol)

For the earlier chapters, Shinobu had the urge to sleep with Giyuu (not like that 🤨) when he was unconscious in the butterfly estate but didn't cause she doesn't know when he would wake up and doesn't want to embarrass herself.

In my au, demons can eat human food. But it provides very little to no nutrition in them. So the demons who eat them probably only like the taste of it. Also, some weak demons cannot eat human food as they can't digest it properly.

Inosuke can speak French, Spanish and Chinese other than Japanese. Don't ask me how.

Giyuu made a bigger version of Nezukos kimono for missions as he heard that she shows way too much skin when using her final form.

Zenitsu doesn't Simp Nezuko openly that much cause Tanjiro once threatened him.

This story does not follow the original story. So if Giyuu meets an uppermoon way earlier than expected then you know.

The kakushis don't really interact with Giyuu that much as the amount of threats they have gotten from the other hashiras is unbelievable.

This is then end of random facts about my au. There may be another one of these from the future. Okay, bye!

780 words 😯

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