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Wholesome moment with the kids. If you ignore the stalking...
It had been a few weeks since the unwilling sleepover event happened at Tengens house but that doesn't matter right now. Right now the kids are wearing beautiful yukatas and kimonos and are inviting Giyuu to they're ''private'' picnic.

Childrens pov:

But I'm telling you Tanjiro, what if dad is still on a mission? There's like a 75% chance he's nowhere to be found in his house... - Zenitsu

Don't get your hopes down Zenitsu, even if dad is on a mission. At least we don't need to make dinner anymore right? So cheer up! - Tanjiro

But eating with dad is way more better though... - Muichiro

Yeah... Let's just hope father's the one who answers the door... - Genya

Knock knock





Ah... It seems like we got our hopes to high... - Kanao

... Aw... I wanted dad to try the new onigiri recipe I made... =( - Senjuro

*sighs*, welp, I guess standing here is no use. Let's head back no-    - Aoi

And just as Aoi said that, the door opened and we saw the black haired & blue eyed boy the kids all wanted to see.

Hello? Oh, hello. - Giyuu

Oh dad! We thought you were on a mission for a second. - Tanjiro

I just came back from one not too long ago, what makes you guys want to find me? - Giyuu

We wanted to have a small picnic party with you. Don't worry about preparing anything, we all have it set. Now let's go! - Senjuro

W-wait, I haven't changed yet. Seeing you guys wear fabulous clothing while I wear my uniform makes me feel a bit left out. Please let me change while you wait at my estate. - Giyuu

Dad, as far as I know, you're still handsome as hell no matter what you wear. There's no need for you to change. - Genya

Mhmm! (yeah!) - Nezuko

Yeah! What Tenga said! - Inosuke


Guys stop screaming my ears are sensitive ya know!? - Zenitsu

Says the one who cries and screams every 20 minutes.... - Muichiro / Kanao

H-hey! - Zenitsu

... I'll be changing now, please wait in the living room until I'm done. - Giyuu

Yes dad! - Everyone except emo guy

...🙂 - Giyuu

______~after changing~______

Kids, I am done. - Giyuu

... Uwah! Dad, you look awesome! - Tanjiro

For real though, no oiran could compare your beauty against you. Even if your a man! - Zenitsu

Wow... - Kanao

*mumbles* no wonder the hashiras are literally obsessed over you... - Genya

Huh? Genya? - Giyuu

A-ah nothing father! Just thinking about some stuff. - Genya

Alright. - Giyuu
______________________~timeskip to the kids and Giyuu finding a place to have a picnic~______________________

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