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As days go by, the more bolder the hashiras confess their love to the emo guy. Heck, Tengen even asked the emo guy for his hand in marriage.

Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

Giyuu! - Tengen

... Hu-

*Tengen holding out a ring in a box* Marry me! - Tengen

... E-eh?! S-sorry.... Tengen but don't you have 3... Wives?

I am fully aware of that, they said they don't mind you of joining in our family as well! - Tengen

... Are... You sure?

Come on Giyuu, do I have to say it again? M a r r y  m e. - Tengen

... Sorry Tengen bu-

Nuh-uh! I don't accept no as an answer! You don't want to reject this flamboyant offer from such a flamboyant guy like me right? - Tengen

... U-uh... I-i-

Oh~but I do. -???


Kocho, what are you doing here? - Tengen

Oh you know, just passing by but then heard such a ruckus coming on from here so I decided to check it. (yeah, totally not stalking him or anything) - Shinobu

Can't you see he's clearly uncomfortable? It's like your forcing him rather than asking him. Don't you think? - Shinobu

..... *tsk*, I'll be leaving now, but Giyuu, the offer is still on! *vanishes ig* - Tengen

... What the-

Phew, finally that jewellery freak is gone. Now, Tomioka-San, do you want to have some tea with me in my place? - Shinobu

... S-sure... I guess...

Good! (not like he had a choice anyways, she'll probably just drag him there lmao) Let's go~! - Shinobu

End of flashback
It's a good thing that Shinobu came to save the beloved emo man from losing his virgi- I mean getting married, otherwise the hashiras would go on a rampage and kill jewellery guy! We don't want that right?.... Right?

Anyways, let's go to the present time and see what's happening there!
The emo guy just came back from a mission, despite not showing it, he was exhausted. He was heading straight to his house if it weren't for a walking green chess palette.

Dad! - Tanjiro

! Ah... Hello Tanjiro... - Giyuu

! Dad, did you came back from a mission? - Tanjiro

Yeah... Was it that obvious? - Giyuu

Well, not really. But you did smell tired. (from living? Yes) So I just assumed that. - Tanjiro

Oh... Okay. But why did you call me? - Giyuu

Well, me and the others wanted to hang out with you since none of us had missions and we planned on hanging out with Himejima-San in his place! But if you don't want to, then that's okay... - Tanjiro

Tanjiro said the last sentence with a bit of disappointment. But being the people pleaser he is (kinda), of course Giyuu accepted it.

I'll go. - Giyuu

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