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After training with his comrades yesterday, Emo guy plans to visit his non biological children soon.
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

I finally went to my estate after training with Rengoku,  maybe I'll go to sleep then visit tanjiro and his friends the next day since its getting late. What time is it? I look at my clock that's hanging on my wall. 7:30pm, might as well take a bath right now.

I set up a bath for myself and proceeded to strip of my clothes and put them aside. I will wash the clothes later, I then go in to the bathtub that I set earlier with warm water. It feels relaxing and nice for me, I wish my life was like that too. Too bad that would be a miracle for that to happen.

After taking a bath

Let me see the time now, 8:11pm, I don't feel like eating dinner right now. So I will just sleep. I take off the towel that's wrapped over my hips and changed into my pajamas and then flopped on my futon ready to sleep.
Ugh, im bored. I forgot that I'm so used to not sleeping because of all the missions I had in the past. Speaking of missions, when will I get my next one? I mean, I did came out of the butterfly mansion and I'm pretty sure that Kocho already told master about it.

I started counting sheep in my head jumping over some fence. I think this is one of the methods Western people sleep if they are struggling to do it. Safe to say after 20 minutes it worked, it usually would take me about 45 minutes to just fall asleep. I should do this often if I have a ton of missions.

Giyuus nightmare (giyuu angst)

I woke up in a familiar looking house. Thinking that I was kidnapped I went to look for the exit and then I saw...


Father?! Mother?! How are you alive? Tsutako how are you in front of me?! I saw you di-

That's the point, giyuu. You were so weak at that time I had to save your pathetic little body from a man eating demon on the day of my WEDDING. You should have died right there at that time, I was the one that took care of you when our parents are gone. You could of repayed me by sacrificing yourself for me so that I can finally live a happy life life without you. Isn't that right? My dear parents? - Tsutako

I looked at my parents direction and I saw a painfully disappointed face looking at me with pure hate. Even though I almost forgotten about how my parents looked like, I still knew those were my parent cause of the similar resemblance of them.

Your older sister protected you and took care of you while you did absolutely NOTHING in return. She sacrificed her life to let you live and have a chance with life but now look at you, having no one to be on your side, being so weak to the point that your friend had to put his life on the line to save you from some demon with extra hands. You are the perfect example of what a pathetic, guilty, crybaby, waste of space all combined together if they were a person. We should have never borned you at the first place if we didn't know the consequences. - Giyuus parents

I'm sorry, all of you. I promise that I will reach to your expectations, I will do anything for you guys to feel satisfied after what I had done to you. I will be stronger if you like, I would be smarter, more flexible, ANYTHING! Just please, forgive me. I know I do not deserve forgiveness but I could try and change! Please, please...

Anything you do would never satisfy us after all the damage you had done to us. It would be better if you just...

Kill yourself                                     - Tsutako, Giyuus parents

End of nightmare
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

GAH! Huff, huff, huff... Oh, it was just a dream. Like always, but what they said was true, I have caused so much disturbance to the world that I would just be better of... Dead. I wonder what time is it, it should be morning by now. I check the time with my clock and it was 7.27am, better get ready now. I quickly ran to my closet and changed to my uniform with my haori. I grabbed my sword and I was about to head out but then I realised, oh yeah, my anti depressants. It's about to run out. Might as well go grab some more on the way to go get my crow, it was injured since my last mission. I will go get it now.

I head to masters estate to get my crow since yesterday Rengoku said that my crow was with him ever since I got to the butterfly mansion. I'm sure that kanzaburo is healed now. I'll just go get him.

I ran to masters estate ready to take kanzaburo back, a few minutes later I got to my destination and knocked on the door.

Who is it? - Amane

Tomioka Giyuu, water hashira.

Ah, you may come in. - Amane

She let me in the room and there I met master petting my crow.

I'm guessing your here to take your crow aren't you my dear water pillar? - Kagaya

Yes, master.

Very well then, I shall hand you your crow to you now, make sure you take care of it. - Kagaya

Thank you master, it is an honour meeting you face to face. I shall get going now. Thank you for your time.

No problem, my dear child. You may go now. - Kagaya
Hello guys! Author here, I could not finish this chapter on time because my teacher gave us a shit ton of homework as well as my mom giving me a whole ass book for me to read. I will be continuing this in the next chapter so don't worry. Anyways, bye!
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